Sara Hoover

Sara Hoover

Sara imagines graphic design as a puzzle to be assembled until every piece is in the right place, and at The Studio, we know it’s incomplete without Sara at the heart of it all. Sara’s talent effuses throughout all aspects of her work and daily life and benefits her community. She’s created stylish architectural murals at the FirstEnergy Stadium and Cleveland’s Little Italy, and keeps her creative gears turning by ascribing to the quote, “Stay curious.” At home, Sara can’t get enough of her fabulous fur babies, including three dogs, four cats, two guinea pigs and a rabbit.

Chandler Curry

Chandler Curry

Some people just have a way of making everything they do look easy. Meet Chandler Curry, a master at multi-tasking – he’s the quiet and calm force behind ensuring every marketing project is on-time and in-budget. As a senior project coordinator on our project management team, he’s organizing, scheduling and communicating across departments all day long without ever breaking a sweat. And if you love Cane’s chicken fingers, listening to vinyl and checking out some live music, you’ve pretty much got a friend for life.

Hannah Pawlek

Hannah Pawlek

When she’s not training for triathlons or humming showtunes, you’ll find Hannah curled up with her adorable dog watching her favorite Baywatch episodes. Hannah’s love for problem-solving, analyzing data and relationship building is the perfect mix for her role as a creative operation coordinator on the creative operations team. Talk about a triple threat! Oh, and don’t ever challenge her to a crawfish eating contest, she’s a semi-pro when it comes to eating them and will take you down every time.

Vanessa Estrada

Where creative energy meets a staunch work ethic, you’ll find Vanessa designing gorgeous custom pieces for The Studio. Her greatest source of pride is her go-getter/tough cookie nature that friends and colleagues can attest to, and her reliability in finding the best outcomes for unique dilemmas. Even in her “me time,” Vanessa keeps her mind stimulated – she serves as a board member on a communications committee, picks the brain of her graphic designer fiancé, devours several books every week and obsesses over her two pups!

Tim Fahey

Tim Fahey

You know how they say everyone has a twin? Well, Tim actually does. Him and his twin brother have been part of a University of Minnesota twin study for 30 years! From jumping out of planes to spending a day on the golf course, he truly loves the outdoors. He also lives by the motto that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. With 15 years of in-house and agency experience as an animation and motion graphics designer, he thrives on collaboration and big ideas. He’s truly a magician when it comes to bringing design to life through videos, which is perfect since he’s our Senior Motion Graphics Designer on the video team.

Alex Collier

While this is Alex’s first foray into real estate, he’s not coming empty-handed – with brands like Marvel, NASCAR, Folgers, Tide and many more under his belt, Alex is entering the ring a copywriting heavyweight! He describes his talent as “designing with words,” and believes the ability to listen is the key to gaining insight when working with others. Alex has an appreciation for the arts (delivering his best actor impressions for his wife/best friend and their one-eyed cat Lily), but his idea of modern theater is pro wrestling!

Rachael Carlson

Rachael Carlson believes in making the most of every moment, whether that means circling Minnesota’s North Shore near her hometown of Minneapolis, catching some rays while hiking the trails with her husband and four-legged pals, or cooking up fantastic concoctions in the kitchen to blog about and share with foodies everywhere. Rachael’s soaking up life and taking notes, adding to her arsenal of storytelling talents as Senior Copywriter on the Concept Team. Between her love of true crime podcasts, travel and adventure, we can’t wait to read what Rachael writes next!

Jaime Hansen

Jaime Hansen

A multitasking master, Jaime is one of the excellent coordinators responsible for keeping projects, deadlines and internal communications on track. She approaches technical dilemmas as new adventures and tackles each job with her problem solving skills and always-positive attitude. Constantly on the go, Jaime stays active by exploring Austin’s trails, running 25 miles every week and planning weekend paddle boarding trips. To top off a fun day, she’s known to appreciate a good old fashioned cheeseburger!

Kelsey Kopecky

Kelsey Kopecky

As someone who built her first website when she was 13, Kelsey is in her element as a production developer for The Studio, where we love overachievers. Her love for code goes hand in hand with her passion for new technologies, helping her approach each website design project with her signature expertise. Another Kelsey hallmark is her affinity for awesomely unique pets: a friendly chinchilla and a stylish smooth-sided toad who loves to pose for pictures!

Kimberly Quevedo

Wordsmith. Grammar fanatic. Copywriting superhero. With her arsenal of proofreading and “slash-and-dice” editing skills, Kimberly supports the Design Concierge team by crafting excellent agent bios, brochures and more. Hardworking and dedicated to elevating agent brands through stellar copy, Kimberly’s specialty involves catching small details and illuminating agents’ best strong points. In her spare time, Kimberly moonlights as a big-time fan of the Marvel Universe (she’s dressed up as Gamora for Halloween three years running) and enjoys schooling her two kids on their Nintendo consoles.

Regan Green

As an active lifestyle enthusiast whose favorite quote is, “You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want,” Regan likes to keep things moving! She’s also a talented multitasker who puts teams and clients at ease by ensuring The Studio’s projects stay on track. With professional skills bolstered by an MBA and a glass-half-full personality, Regan’s the dedicated, responsible project lead everyone can count on. When she’s not cycling on her Peloton or attending a pure barre class, Regan enjoys reading and riding her beach cruiser.

Shannon Jones

The work of a true artist is never done, and neither is the job of a perfectionist like Shannon! As a Design Concierge team member, Shannon applies special care to create stunning self-branding pieces, and as a licensed real estate agent, she has an ace up her sleeve in the form of an invaluable perspective on what agents need to outshine the competition – and she helps them do just that. Shannon likes to spend time with her young children and enjoys running, her favorite sports activity over the past 26 years!

Jena Pirozzolo

Jena Pirozzolo

Though Jena diligently transforms visions and ideas into a brilliant illustrative reality, according to her, she’s never worked a day in her life. Jena is honored to work with her talented team members to craft in-style pieces for The Studio’s national programs and tools. In her spare time, she pairs her love for travel and a sports car obsession with photography expertise to capture amazing destinations and gorgeous vehicles. She even shot the cover for issue 690 of Porsche Profile Magazine – talk about a high-performance skill!

Tye Haslip

Tye Haslip

Agents looking for the best in business design need look no further than Tye, a Design Concierge heavyweight with 14 global design contest wins under his belt. With years of branding experience, Tye is perfectly in his element creating beautiful, personalized pieces to help agents and their business stand out. Speaking of unique creations, Tye is also a specialty craftsman; his personal project, 1728 Designs, features bespoke, natural-edge wooden furniture. And speaking of global, Tye is a seasoned traveler who’s visited the Seven Modern Wonders of the World with his wife.

Josh Dempsey HEADSHOT

Josh Dempsey

When you love to contribute to marketing success like Josh does, every day is a great day to be a graphic designer. Josh lives up to his standard of practicing self-growth by delivering top-tier graphics and learning and thriving from feedback. He’s also a good resource for exchanging ideas – friends would describe Josh as “Wikipedia,” because he can likely share info about whatever you’d like to know. Speaking of fun facts, Josh was the first man in his family to go straight to college. He earned two degrees AND opened a design studio on campus!

sara cassidy

Sara Cassidy

Every team needs someone like Sara, a hardworking creative who, in her own words, “Won’t stop until I get it right!” After years of working for an agency in the entertainment industry, Sara joined Design Concierge to produce logos, business cards, personal brochures and more to help agents build their own brand. A passionate introvert, Sara makes the most of her “me time” through exercise and obsessing over any pets she meets – according to her, no one loves animals more than she does!

kennedy kreutz

Kennedy Kreutz

A Studio staple, Kennedy worked with the Listing Concierge team for more than two years before rechanneling her marketing knowledge, business enhancement skills and motivational edge to the Design Concierge team. When helping agents develop their own brand and presence, her friendly and outgoing personality is a great asset – and the life of the party! Along with spending time with friends, Kennedy enjoys designing and perfecting homes she’s created on The Sims 4 with the approval of her feline fur baby Whiskey.

david garlit

David Garlitzke

David provides VIP media coordination service to top-producing agents with $10 million-dollar-plus listings. He helps these high-performing agents promote their listings and get the most from their Listing Concierge Gold and Platinum packages. David excels at devising ways to improve efficiency in his role and puts his tech-savvy know-how to work for his clients and The Creative Studio. With a sense of humor, adventure and competitiveness, David takes on all things that come his way with the credo, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

katie sawosik

Katie Sawosik

If you ever wondered who’s the animation genius behind The Creative Studio’s cool and compelling videos, it’s Katie! She’s a natural at storytelling using this powerful medium to bring text and graphics to life. A proven pro in her field, she’s received notable accolades as a skillful animator, winning second place at the Trinity Film Festival and Best Individual Short at MetroCAF 2019 in NYC. Easygoing Katie surprises us with her love of the horror genre and a secret desire to be a marine biologist. Not so surprising? Her constant ability to create fantastic videos time after time.

jen chiavetta

Jennifer Chiavetta

Graphics guru, typography technician and self-proclaimed project mind reader – Jennifer has honed her skills as an art director supreme for more than two decades. She believes in listening carefully, welcoming whirlwinds of creativity and fending off chaos as it comes. Jennifer embraces life and all its surprises. A second-time mom opportunity came along unexpectedly – yet most happily – for Jennifer, her husband and son. Suddenly, their family of three became four and so much more. All the better to share the many delectable treats she creates in the kitchen after binge-watching Food Network cooking shows. How sweet life can be!

rick lange

Rick Lange

Some describe Rick as a visual mechanic updating videos using his expertise and technical savvy while juggling multiple rush jobs – kudos! He’s a renaissance man worthy of the moniker, as his interests and adventures include: swimming in the frigid waters of Loch Ness; earning four degrees; traveling to six continents; reaching Mach 1 over the East China Sea in an RF-4C reconnaissance jet; not to mention, he’s a bona fide cook, orchid grower, Maine Guide, fly fisherman, landscape photographer and archery enthusiast. Who better for the job of video producer extraordinaire than someone who’s seen it all?

vasquez monica

Monica Vasquez

When not sitting in her art director’s chair creating beautiful imagery for The Creative Studio, Monica heads out on lovely LA weekends with coffee in hand and a discerning eye behind her camera lens to capture spectacular pics to post. She has a keen interest in photography styling that explores food, floral and lifestyle trends. Combine all that with her cheerful disposition and stellar organizational skills, and you get the makings of an outstanding art director ready to visually inspire and excite through exceptional marketing assets for The Studio.

don u

Don Ulinksi

If you want to get to know Don, ask him where he keeps his collection of over 760 Funko Pop! figures. To feed his fandom for Funko, music and zombies, he’s an art director who helps our team build beautiful advertising materials. Don boasts over 20 years in the design field. You can find him in “the Sunshine State” with his wife and two kids. He is fun and laid-back, but if his life needed any extra flavor, he would just add sriracha to it. We’re hoping his novelty Funko investment will yield a hefty inheritance for his kids, someday.

chelsie babcock

Chelsie Babcock

With a solid foundation as a former marketing specialist and having a background in graphic design and photography, Chelsie was a natural to contribute her talents to the gorgeous VIEW magazine. Her experience working with agents firsthand and serving their real estate marketing needs set Chelsie up for the perfect segue to junior art director with The Creative Studio. An outgoing, adventurous type, Chelsie scored a role in a Season 10 episode of the show Bones. Luckily, we won out to La La Land and now she appears five days a week at our Studio!

rene ramirez

Rene Ramirez

Whether working in LA or being inspired by his world travels, Rene seeks to share his creative contributions everywhere he goes. One of The Creative Studio’s talented art directors on the Design Concierge team, Rene strikes a beautiful balance between the agent’s expectations and the brand aesthetic, crafting exceptional agent assets that are distinctive and effective. Always the first to welcome a challenge, volunteer whenever possible or cook up delicious cuisine specialties, Rene is 100% invested in the creative process no matter where he can find it. We can’t wait to see what Rene will whip up next!


Sonia Hurtado

With her keen eye for detail and go-getting attitude, it’s no wonder top luxury real estate agents rely on Sonia for standout designs here at The Studio. Her talent as an art director has taken her from Scottsdale to Beverly Hills, from television ad logos to print – gaining experience at award-winning agencies and in various industries from automotive and eye care to fine art and beauty. Guided by the elegance in simplicity and her “just do it” mantra, this bilingual creative is an artist during off hours too: painting with acrylic on canvas and tending to her garden.

lauren o

Lauren Oosterlinck

Nothing gets past Lauren, who’s got eagle eyes for catching and fixing copy errors. So it’s no surprise she excels as one of the Design Concierge copywriters, where she conjures up copy that uniquely ties agents’ unexpected traits or hobbies with their real estate work (resulting in one heck of a memorable bio). Prior to The Studio, she spent 11 years living the dream in New York City – charming celebrities and guests alike during her time as a hotel concierge. She’s now in Indianapolis but can still perfectly apply lipstick in moving vehicles after so many years riding public transit!

melissa provost

Melissa Provost

Anything but a homebody, Melissa is always on the lookout for an adventure with family or friends. After New England thaws for the season, she soaks in every ounce of the summertime in Cape Cod with her husband and two daughters. They love outdoor activities. She’s up for getting her hands dirty, too – whether it’s in the garden or to embark on a home renovation project. A forthright, reliable organizer at heart, Melissa makes her role as project lead look like a breeze. Her next quest: to pass the Massachusetts real estate exam. She might sell your next home!

juliana hincks

Julianna Hincks

If you doubt that a person can be both insanely organized and wildly creative, meet Julianna, who serves as a liaison between the Design Concierge creative team and the agents. A natural-born problem solver with more than a hint of perfectionism, she makes sure projects are on time and expectations are exceeded. But there’s more than meets the eye with this South Side Chicago native. She’s a classically trained Shakespearean actress who has tread the boards in many a stage play and musical, as well as a former Irish dancer. Julianna says she’s 98% Irish – we’d say she’s 100% talented!


Shaan Hassan

Shaan is a master of time management. When he’s not behind the curtain orchestrating the marketing magic of 300+ agents, this overachiever might be earning industry accolades like the Handshake Award, captaining a two-time championship co-ed beach football team or penning his prize-winning poetry (soon to be published!). Known for his friendliness and white-glove service, Shaan welcomes any challenge with open arms. “I try to do what I can do when I can do it” is Shaan’s favorite quote. It appears to us that he can do it all!

michelle davies

Michelle Davies

Michelle spends her days in a fast-paced environment designing eye-catching marketing materials for agents. But she obviously switches gears in her downtime. She is also a talented contemporary figurative oil painter who has several paintings in a local gallery. As Kandinsky said, “The artist must train not only his eye but also his soul,” and we think Michelle has taken that to heart. Known for her creativity, Michelle is also a friendly, fun-loving sort who is a fan of craft beer. She especially loves going to breweries when exploring a new area. Sounds like a great idea – cheers, Michelle!


Trey Melcher

Trey is the ever-so-crucial liaison between agents and the Design Concierge creative team. Super organized and communicative, Trey makes solid use of his University of Kentucky marketing degree on a daily basis in order to oversee the production of personal branding materials. But he can easily tap into the fun, laid-back style he’s known for, too. He’s a die-hard Cincinnati sports fan who loves golf, basketball and travel. “Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” That’s Trey’s favorite quote, and it sounds like he does just that!

fermin lg

Fermin Ospina

Bet you didn’t know we have a former women’s fashion footwear designer on our team. Fact. Earlier in his career, Fermin designed and marker-comped shoe designs for the likes of Marc Jacobs. Although his concepts are no longer displayed on a catwalk, he’s still passionate about fashion and high-end women’s footwear – and we’re lucky to have him on board as art director. Fluent in Castilian Spanish, he likens his energy and unconventional problem-solving skills to MacGyver. He’s a workhorse who loves his job, and maintains a relaxed perspective of “if they are happy, I’m happy.”

michelle petriella

Michelle Petriella

When Michelle puts her visual storytelling skills on full display, there’s no question that she’s in her element as an artistic director for the Design Concierge team. Michelle’s talents often translate into stunning designs, but she’s also proud of her role as a “solver of artistic problems.” And her vibrant, colorful spirit goes beyond the nine-to-five: At home, Michelle enjoys a good, infectious laugh, painting with watercolors and picking out the next set of cheesy t-shirts she’ll wear with her husband and beautiful baby boy.

Jessica Decina

Jessica Decina

If you’re looking for a Design Concierge hero with a keyboard mightier than a sword, we’d point you in Jessica’s direction! Nothing gets past her sharp attention to detail as she leads the Design Concierge copywriting team, who produce marketing materials that make agents feel like superstars. And crafting excellent pieces can be easy when you’re so full of personality yourself – Jessica is a self-proclaimed goofball and lover of pointless trivia. So, tune in for her pop culture theories, baking tips and a story about the time she interviewed Keira Knightley. When it comes to Jessica, there’s a lot to love!

juan parra

Juan Parra

Look out for this design guru – as a Senior Art Director for The Studio, Juan tells a story through typography, popping colors and effortless talent to shine a spotlight on the unique personality of a client or brand. When he’s not designing, Juan is a certified typophile, film fanatic and a lover of the two Cs: coffee and cocktails. He’s also a happy family man who brings imagination into everyone’s life, believing “The creative adult is the child who survived.”

victorio suarez hevia

Victorio Suarez-Hevia

When agents brand their marketing materials with sleek logos and compelling designs, it’s often the work of Victorio. Victorio helps Coldwell Banker agents enhance their visual identity. He’s also a kind-hearted person, a great learner, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. His bisabuelo said, “There’s at least one thing you can learn from anyone: the right way, or the wrong way.” When it comes to his work, we think Victorio knows what’s right from his own words: “Design speaks, but to be heard it needs to be specific, unique and authentic.”

eakin nancy

Nancy Eakin

Nancy is a stickler for detail — and she’ll go head-to-head debating the pros and cons of the Oxford comma, among many other grammar nuances. Proficient in everything AP Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style, she’s a former proofreader who is now a copywriter for The Studio. She’s on the Design Concierge team, writing and proofing personalized branding tools for agents, such as bios, personal brochures, business cards and email signatures. Lest you think her life consists of simply obsessing over details, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in dramatic art and enjoys doing voiceover work. Her kids have always called her “Drama Mama.” Who says you can’t be an extroverted writer?

jhomarie schirle

Jhomarie Loquellano

There is no visual marketing collateral too big or too small for Jhomarie to deliver, be it designing one form or an entire advertising campaign. “I make things look pretty,” Jhomarie sums up her work, “while also communicating a clear message.” Her instincts are good – she’s a perennial champ at Rock, Paper, Scissors, after all. And she possesses the education and experience to back it up, having graduated Cum Laude in Graphic Design from California State University, Northridge and worked in creative services for CBS.

justin thomas

Justin Thomas

Justin is the perfect blend of right brain and left brain. With a passion for design, he develops creative solutions that support our agents with web- and email-based projects – all while maintaining his trademark optimism. Justin enjoys life’s simple pleasures and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. A devoted husband and father, he’s a lifelong LA Lakers fan and an aficionado of Seinfeld and The Office. In his time off, you might find him chasing a sunset, jamming to 80s music, cooking or just sharing a laugh with friends. It’s a good life for Justin!

penny young

Penny Young

What do you get when you mix kickboxing expertise with the fashion design skills of a rising Vera Wang? The Studio’s accounting coordinator, of course. Penny has hidden talents for days. Lucky for us, she loves the satisfying sound of number crunching above cutting dress material and showing off her defensive moves. Penny handles our budgets and forecasts, and helps support our awesome field marketing managers across the country, and she does it all from our New Jersey office. This natural problem-solver will handle any impossible project that crosses her desk like she’s in the Rubik’s Cube world series.

nancy fischer

Nancy Fischer

This forward thinker with a bachelor’s degree in art history and post-grad in forestry can take on any challenge thrown her way and excel with flying colors. As the marketing administrator in Sarasota, FL and right-hand woman of Jan Loomis, VP of The Creative Studio, her role is to provide support to the entire creative team. Outside of the bustling world of marketing, Nancy enjoys biking, museum-hopping, whipping up new recipes – as well as sacred old ones – and making a difference in her local community; she previously mentored adult literacy programs.

zambrano alexis

Alexis Zambrano

One of Alexis’ favorite quotes comes courtesy of the 2015 Cinderella movie: “Have courage and be kind.” It’s short and sweet, and she tries to live by those words every day. As project coordinator, Alexis oversees projects to ensure they are running smoothly in the system, meeting their deadlines and making sure final pieces are properly distributed. Her ability to stay organized, prioritize and communicate with the other departments makes her a true marketing star!

schelberger jennifer

Jennifer Schelberger

After 20 years with the company, she’s on a first-name, let’s-grab-a-coffee basis with many agents, so she understands their wants and needs, and how best to service them within budgets, time and resources. She is one of several team members who started in the company as a receptionist and worked her way up, learning about advertising, printing and design. In her words, “I think we are all meant to do something special in this world, whether it’s to be great or to guide someone to greatness, and you never know what that is until after it’s done.”

phillips crystal

Crystal Phillips

Crystal lives and breathes organization. Which is a good thing since she’s responsible for trafficking projects throughout The Creative Studio. She takes the time to listen to what agents want and designers need to create marketing pieces that truly make an impact – and sales. And she’s quick and decisive; she married her husband a year to the day of their first date. The Michigan native lived in New York for 17 years before moving to Chicago. So, the question is: Chicago deep dish or New York-style pizza? Answer: New York every time.

gray adam

Adam Gray

Though it may not seem like it, on any particular day you may catch Adam slam-dancing at a death metal concert or perfecting his moves at the skate park. Adam says his goal is to help real estate agents live exceptional lives with compelling marketing collateral. His attention to detail and can-do attitude set him apart, but around the office he’s best known for his dolphin imitation (seriously, ask him to do it). He maintains his Maine bonafides by playing in an ice-hockey league in Florida, and is as quick with the jokes as he is on the ice. One of his favorites? “You can tune a piano, but you can’t tuna fish.” (Har. Har. Har.)

michelle pisowodzki

Michelle Pisowodski

Michelle is a versatile designer who is quick and efficient when coming up with effective designs for online and printed materials that maintain a strong national brand identity. A born problem solver, Michelle understands she will be faced with a variety of design challenges. She likes being able to come up with solutions that are visually interesting and engaging.

ventura perez liz

Liz Ventura-Perez

There’s a good chance you’ve seen Liz’s work. From striking property ads to attractive invitations, award announcements and holiday cards on social media, Liz helps define the unified appearance of the Coldwell Banker Realty brand with extraordinary marketing collateral pieces and graphic design elements for print and web. She makes The Studio’s clients look good! Her work is seen and shared by affiliated Coldwell Banker agents and clients worldwide. Liz is fluent in Spanish and loves to see the beautiful sights of the world in her travels.

southern sarahjane

Sarah-Jane Southern

“Live, love, lift.” This quote is one of many inspirations to Sarah-Jane, a Jr. art director for The Creative Studio. Based in Sarasota, FL, Sarah-Jane manages and creates many of the company’s eye-catching graphic designs. Her friends would describe her as loyal, honest and sassy, which to us sounds like the description of the ideal friend. When she’s not designing, you’ll most likely find her lifting weights or eating. She’s a competitive bodybuilder and loves food!

sellers danielle

Danielle Sellers

Danielle lives by the saying “what is meant to be, will be.” We certainly feel that her role as Jr. art director in our advertising department was meant to be. Her art degree only begins to explain her level of talent and dedication, which she uses to assist agents throughout the Southeast region with creating templates, inset ads for the Listing Concierge publications and the daily flow of listings in ads for multiple publications. Danielle happily admits there are a few things she loves as much as her job – bully dog breeds, murder mysteries and her collection of plants.

landon iwamura

Landon Iwamura

There is no need for anti-perspirant in Landon’s desk drawer, as he doesn’t sweat under pressure and is poised to meet tight deadlines with style. And if you are looking for career advice, look no further than Landon, who precociously selected a career in graphic design during his 7th grade career day. We are lucky he never wavered on that decision since his gifted creative mind helps agents and offices look top notch in publications like Hawaii Moves Real Estate Magazine. A lover of the dramatic (he is a fiery Leo!), Landon has a trademark flair that keeps agents standing out from the competition!

satterfield chris

Chris Satterfield

When you wish upon a star (and put your heart and soul into your work), amazing things happen. This mighty talented Jr. art director has an impressive resume that includes working as a production artist for Disney and an art director for Davis Elen advertising, whose clients include top brands such as McDonald’s, Pala Casino and OneWest Bank. Now, Chris can add another big name to his list. At The Studio, he is responsible for creating marketing and advertising materials for Coldwell Banker and its affiliated agents. Following Leonardo da Vinci’s famous words, “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication,” Chris enjoys life’s simple pleasures: dancing, cooking and sharing a good laugh with his friends.

andrew panica

Andrew Panica

Our spitfire, New York-bred art director Andrew is just as right-brained as he is left-brained. You’ll never catch him frazzled while he balances multiple graphic design pieces for The Studio, but go ahead and try. You can witness Andrew’s game-changing designs on Coldwell Banker’s social media channels and blogs, in presentations and marketing campaigns, and much more. For an over-the-top, incredible design, leave a plate of salted caramel cookies on Andrew’s desk. We hear the way to win him over is through his sweet tooth.

carrie maxwell

Carrie Maxwell

Carrie likes to keep it simple. Reading and the beach make her happy, and if both of those things happen at the same time, even better. Her professional life is no different. She’s an incredible graphic designer – plain and simple. Carrie creates vivacious visuals that up the ante of agent marketing pieces, and she’s a hard worker, to boot. Carrie is also funny, loyal, honest… ok, you get the picture. She’s great!

harris mike

Michael Harris

Michael’s friends would describe him as creative, detail-oriented, funny and a little weird. To us, those sound like some great qualifiers to be an art director with The Creative Studio. Based out of Sarasota, FL, Florida, Michael helps narrate marketing stories through eye-candy photos and fancy typesetting. When he’s not beautifying marketing content, Mike spends his spare time trying to learn the Scottish bagpipes, cycling and being a domesticated family guy.

wulfram ann marie

Ann Marie Wulfram

While Ann Marie works mostly on agent projects, she dabbles in other areas as well, including office events. Her motto is if you want to see the view, you have to climb the mountain. Which she certainly does with a full life as mom to her three kids. She enjoys having fun with them at home, outings and attending many, many sporting events. She also loves experimenting with cooking – creating new recipes along the way!

lily bronfeyn

Lily Bronfeyn

A famous impressionist artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir once said, “a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful and pretty, yes pretty!” As an avid art enthusiast and Jr. art director for The Studio, Lily works on creating beautiful logos, promotional materials, ecards (and more!) with those same ideals in mind. Design is something she’s truly passionate about and taps into her skillsets outside of work as well, having previously illustrated a children’s book. Lily enjoys spending her time with family, going to the theater and is in the process of learning the art of ikebana (Japanese flower arrangements).

david anchondo

David Anchondo

Ever wonder who comes up with the visual concept for The Studio’s marketing materials? Our Art Director David in Beverly Hills, for one. Making agents shine is his job, and he finds great pleasure in doing so. Every printed document, whether an event flyer, poster, ad, editorial spread, email campaign or social media content, needs to convey a message with a specific “look and feel” that makes the client stand out. Given his attention to detail and visual storytelling, it should come as no surprise that he also has an outside interest in photography and salsa dancing. As he notes, “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm,” which applies to life and dancing!

carma stahnke

Carma Stahnke

Friends describe her as funny, friendly and hardworking, and here at The Studio we’d describe Carma as a treat! After hitting the books in Austria and Germany, “Dr. Stahnke” graduated with her Ph.D. in English and went on to teach at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Carma taught English and German for 14 years before dabbling in freelance copywriting. Ultimately, we’re thrilled that Carma put down her roots at The Studio, where she uses her creative talent and keen eye as part of the Design Concierge team. If you want a lesson in motivation from Carma herself, take heed to her favorite quote: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

brito andrea

Andrea Brito

Influenced by many of the arts, Andrea’s design aesthetic is clean and modern. She brings her unique talent to the Creative Studio creating compelling marketing pieces. Andrea enjoys photography, yoga, experiencing foods from around the world and sharing conversations with others on a myriad of topics. Moved by visual design, she also embraces the written word, as noted in her favorite quote by a famous painter: “When I was a child, my mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general. If you become a monk, you’ll end up as the Pope.’ Instead, I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.” (Pablo Picasso)

gaudreau michael

Mike Gaudreau

Well-rounded is the best way to describe Mike. An effective Design Concierge account manager, he empowers agents to build strong businesses by supplying them with thoughtful marketing strategy and branding guidance. He’s funny, fun and likes to spread the joy. A theater major in the past, a graphic designer still and an awesome intramural softball player for 18 years, he proved his winning abilities by taking his league’s world series tournament twice. No matter what Mike sets his mind to, he hits it out of the park every time!

Matt Elliott

Matt Elliott

If there was such a thing as a human Swiss army knife, that would be Matt. A self-described jack-of-all-trades, he masterfully tackles many jobs for agents as a marketing specialist. He believes being flexible and able to jump in at any given moment is the key to his success. He is an agent’s most agile ally and assists with marketing, training and everything in between. Matt is a champion for the company’s charitable foundation and is the liaison for the Coldwell Banker diversity program in Atlanta. Originally from England, Matt now resides in Atlanta with his wife and daughter. We’re so glad to have him on this side of the pond!

Kari Swartz

Kari Swartz

With an excellent eye for design and a willingness to jump in whenever needed, we consider Kari an art director extraordinaire. Responsible for developing and executing advertising design for everything from magazine covers to regional ads, Kari juggles it all with a happy-go-lucky demeanor and a matter-of-fact attitude. Here’s a little-known fact – Kari is a tad quirky as she has a penchant for pineapples and grows them at her Florida home. Now we can all say we know a pineapple farmer – sweet!

solberg kylee

Kylee Solberg

Making connections is clearly Kylee’s strength. As a Design Concierge expert, she assists agents throughout the progress of their projects from design edits to finished files. Kylee’s engaging personality and intellect has served her well and gained her notable accolades as the title holder of Miss Idaho 2016. She also participated in the Miss America Competition and placed in the top 15 finalists. Trained in classical ballet and voice, her talents are far-reaching and versatile. Brains, beauty and business savvy – looks like we have a triple-threat in our midst.

Jose Navea

Jose E. Navea

Luckily for us, we have an incredibly reliable communicator in Jose. He is the liaison between all departments, excelling at multi-tasking and doing it all with a smile! Experienced in running his own successful marketing agency, he comes with a well-immersed background of the industry. Originally from Venezuela, Jose brings his native language of Spanish to the table as well as some delectable baking skills. Note to Jose: We’re all waiting for a lesson in Venezuelan desserts.

rosenfeld sam

Sam Rosenfeld

Attention to detail is what Sam is all about. She serves as the all-important liaison between the agents and the communications team. Sam is an indispensable resource for clients and team members alike. At her core, Sam is a problem solver, finding solutions to keep everything running smoothly is her forte. And don’t underestimate Sam’s adventurous side. She backpacked across Europe for six months by herself! Perhaps we could coax some European vacation stories out of Sam with her favorite Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup candy – we’re all ears, Sam.

costa john

John Costa

John’s creative marketing designs help showcase the Coldwell Banker® brand and our agents’ unique real estate talents. Thoughtful and quick to come up with creative ideas, John does whatever it takes to exceed expectations. One of his Coldwell Banker designs received the second place Spinner Award in the 2012 PhotoSpin Design Contest, and we’re thoroughly impressed! John keeps on surprising us: he’s a yodeling fan with an awesome Spotify playlist (and followers numbering in the thousands). It sounds like John has a wide range of interests, all with equally high standards.

Alin Ebrahimi

Alin Ebrahimi

Everyone who enjoys reading VIEW magazine has Alin to thank. She works diligently to create visually stunning graphic designs and layouts for the 70-page magazine. Alin is fluent in three languages – English, Armenian and Persian – and serves as a board member of the PTA at the Glendale Unified School District, bringing parents and schools closer together. Entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash once said, “What you believe, remember, you can achieve,” and Alin stands as a perfect example of this: she recently earned her MBA and there’s no telling what she’ll achieve next!

marte frank

Frank Marte

Frank manages a talented team of Design Concierge graphic artists, who craft all of the agent materials produced by The Creative Studio. He gained his versatile experience on a start-up team that branded and launched an advertising and design school in Chicago. Frank also owned a brand design studio and taught classes at the Chicago Portfolio School, mentoring hundreds of people in their pursuit of a creative career. Prior to joining Coldwell Banker®, he was design manager for the world’s largest futures exchange, CME Group. We’re inspired by Frank’s sage advice when it comes to any creative challenge, “For best results, apply business end of No. #2 pencil.”

Tracy Ellison

Tracy Ellison

Tracy loves words and enjoys using them like colors in a painter’s palette. And she does so artistically, while creating copy for a multitude of jobs including View Magazine articles and editorials, Clients For Life assets and more. Tracy’s artistic flair goes way back. She’s a graduate of Chicago’s Second City Players Workshop and performed in a Second City Children’s Play. Outgoing and fearless, Tracy has been learning to speak Italian, while gardening, hiking, cooking and traveling fill in the gaps. Color us impressed.

Sally Wing

Sally Wing

Maintaining a smooth flow of marketing pieces from the field to our copywriters and designers is both challenging and rewarding. That’s exactly what Sally loves so much about her role as marketing traffic coordinator. Sally brings years of real estate experience to the job and lives by believing in what she’s doing, then executing with precise detail and care for each project. That’s the modus operandi of a marketing coordinator extraordinaire. And it just so happens, that’s exactly how Sally describes herself.

Guadalupe Barnett

Guadalupe Barnett

Guadalupe has, perhaps, the best slogan of any member of The Studio, “If life gives you lemons, have a tequila!” Now that’s a can-do attitude if there ever was one. Guadalupe brings her agility, accuracy, cheerfulness, curiosity and audacious personality to her role as marketing traffic coordinator. Guadalupe is committed to reaching her goals on the job. Off the job, she makes her own clothing, loves cooking and is fluent in Spanish, French and catchy catch phrases.

houston vanessa 1

Vanessa Houston

Bringing skills and experience from her career path through the publishing, marketing and nonprofit realms, Vanessa joined The Studio as a copywriter in December 2017. (FYI: That’s different from “copyrighter” – a few of her neighbors were under the impression that she’s involved in intellectual property law.) The truth is, no matter what job she tackles, she approaches it with passion, dedication and creativity. As charming as her native “Charm City” and as sunny as her new home state of Florida, Vanessa adds a little bit of sparkle to everything she does.

jarosh andrew 1

Andrew Jarosh

If it involves the written word, Andrew is your guy! Matter of fact, if it involves the spoken word, Andrew is also your guy – he’s got plenty of stories to tell and would happily share why his favorite inventions are the cruise control and the computer mouse. As a copywriter, he helps write and edit the marketing materials The Studio produces. Not only has writing been his profession for nearly 40 years, but he’s had the chance to work overseas with writers in Chile and Ukraine. After many travels and collected anecdotes, Andrew now prefers to enjoy the simpler delights in life: A relaxing weekend cocktail and living to be 100, as long as the New York Yankees are still playing, of course.

smith kristina

Kristina Smith

To become a copywriter, you’ve got to start somewhere, and we’re happy to be that somewhere for Kristina! A recent grad from the University of North Florida with a degree in journalism, her copyediting and feature writing experience are a welcomed addition to The Studio and will definitely come in handy as she helps us launch the Clients For Life sphere marketing program nationwide. Kristina enjoys reading and loves taking on challenges both professionally and at play (watch out video gamers) — as long as they don’t involve breaking a sweat.

Dana Headshot

Dana Jennings

Give Dana a task, whether it’s editing a new video or training for a marathon, and he’ll get it done with skill, efficiency and creativity. This dedicated team player started with the company as an intern over 13 years ago and has worked his way up to video production manager in our Waltham, Massachusetts location. When he’s not producing amazing company videos, you can find Dana kickin’ it on the soccer field or searching for a good cup of coffee.

roller julie 2

Julie Roller

Will work for chocolate! Although she may work out of the Sunshine State, The Studio’s advertising manager for the Southeast region is not always one to spread the sunshine. And that’s A-OK. Julie is easygoing, dedicated, hard-working and genuinely cares about the work she does supporting the client’s marketing needs and affiliated agents. While we hear she is out looking for a new hobby, we do know that Julie holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Ohio State University – can we get an O-H, I-O!? – and has held her Florida real estate license since 2004.

hargaden jennifer

Jennifer Hargaden

In addition to being a super-mom, Jennifer is a super ad manager, fearlessly handling the advertising for Coldwell Banker NRT’s Central region and the advertising spend for the whole country. She’s a true Gen Bluer, having worked with the company from a real estate agent to a luxury markets manager. Interestingly she had her series 7 and series 66 licenses prior to real estate but that’s a whole other story! If you’re sweet to Jennifer, she just might be sweet to: She does love to bake.

cara klein

Cara Klein

When offices and agents throughout the Southeast have questions about the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program, they call Cara. She makes sure the regional program runs smoothly, supports the national program and publishes five regional Homes & Estates magazines annually. She has honed her strategic capabilities with 30+ years of marketing experience, priding herself on her ability to think like her customers and an astute attention to detail where she assumes nothing and checks everything twice. To blow off steam, Cara still twirls her baton – something she started when she was three years old – or takes long power walks.

sloan katrinka

Katrinka Sloan

“Go, fight, win” is the perfect catchphrase for Kat. She’s always on the go, managing a busy team of graphic designers from The Studio’s Sarasota, FL office and overseeing the design and production of Coldwell Banker NRT Core 4 Values marketing materials. She fights every day to work more efficiently and produce more creative and impactful designs. And she wins again and again, racking up multiple Silver and Gold Addy awards over the years for her amazing work. Outside of the office, Kat likes to collect driftwood and secretly hopes to someday be part of a home improvement show.

jan thumb

Jan Loomis

Creativity thrives in supportive environments, which makes Jan the ideal person to lead The Creative Studio. Warm and outgoing, she’s the quintessential social butterfly – and the team’s biggest cheerleader. As national vice president of creative marketing, she oversees graphic design, copywriting, advertising, video production and project management, providing the challenges and encouragement that result in killer work. Jan started out in journalism, where she had the chance to interview fascinating figures like Jesse Jackson, President Gerald Ford and – her favorite – the legendary Johnny Cash. Outside the office, Jan is usually out on the town with her husband Jon, soaking up Sarasota’s amazing art, architecture and culture.

thornton katie

Katie Thornton

Over more than 13 years in marketing with Coldwell Banker NRT, Katie has learned all the challenges agents face in promoting themselves and their listings and has strategized ways to help them succeed. “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun!” said Katie. She oversees the company’s national ad campaigns as well as Listing Concierge advertising, and is admittedly super, super competitive. “I think I may have a problem allowing my children to freely complete their own school projects. I mean, I’m aware, but I just can’t stop helping.” Her kids’ teachers may not love it, but that helpful, problem-solving nature is a major asset for agents!

sloan william

William Sloan

Our national creative director needs no introduction. His art work has been on display at museums and galleries around the world. He’s published four books. And he oversees the creative direction at The Studio. His name? Sloan. William Sloan. For someone who loves the creative world just as much as he loves people, Bill’s role in The Studio is a natural fit. You can catch him while he’s eagerly keeping agents ahead of the competition with eye-catching campaigns, or after-hours, read the musings on his namesake blog for a peek at his current creative inspiration.

panitch jenny

Jenny Panitch

Though her bubbly personality might not make it immediately clear, our Jenny is an old soul. Like, “celebrity crush on Dick Van Dyke” old.
Maybe that’s why she has the drive, dedication and incredible attention to detail that enable her to pull off seemingly impossible feats like flawlessly implementing Workfront, our project management system, nationwide. Today, she heads up The Studio’s project management and traffic team, putting her military high school education and MBA to good use as she keeps everything moving through on time, on budget and on plan. Her love of bad jokes keeps her laughing even when we have 563 jobs in the system at once, but if you REALLY want to see her smile, ask her about her dog, Pippa.

morrow lisa

Lisa Morrow

Say “kon’nichiwa” to Lisa and you’re likely to get more than a short response. That’s because she spent seven years in Japan, first as a student and then working as an art director for an English language magazine and later a graphics editor for a newspaper. These days, she works with The Studio’s other creative service managers to oversee a team of talented graphic designers. Given that she also worked in Thailand along the border of Myanmar, it should come as no surprise that she enjoys learning new things, trying new foods, traveling to new places and meeting new people. And, since she’s earned a black belt in karate, she’s certainly capable of taking care of herself in a sticky situation no matter where her travels take her!

jennifer mcguire

Jennifer McGuire

You name it, Jennifer has seen it in her 25 years of communications, marketing, public relations and social media experience. As national director of communications, Jennifer leads the way in internal communications, video production and copywriting for The Studio. Outgoing, loyal and hard-working by nature, she consistently pushes her team to make their work better and more impactful. While she has worked with all sorts of celebs, from Donald Trump (back when he was just a reality star) to Jane Seymour and Liza Minelli, Jennifer now focuses on showcasing The Studio’s clients in neon lights. This Kentuckian bleeds blue for University of Kentucky basketball and still lets “y’all” slip more than she’d like in her now home state of Florida.

melissa huntsman

Melissa Huntsman

Melissa wears several stylish hats at The Studio. She has helped to create and develop all the marketing and advertising templates used with the powerful Listing Concierge platform. When not busy with that, her duties include helping The Creative Studio to design marketing plans and strategies that boost agent earning potential. Melissa’s creativity does not stop when she leaves the building, either. On weekends she is a jeweler and metalsmith and loves to paint abstracts!

greske john

John Greske

If you know what AAF stands for (American Advertising Federation), then you know that getting an ADDY or AMY Award is a big deal – well, imagine if your work has racked up multiple Gold and Silver ADDYs and AMY awards over the past few years? That’s exactly the level of professional accomplishment The Studio’s own brand development manager, John Greske has achieved. In addition to his many accolades, he brings 25 years of experience, a fine arts background and a true passion for branding to his role. If you get the opportunity to work with John, just be sure to brush up on obscure movie trivia and quotes first or he’s liable to throw “Eskimo” at you as a test.

moraima randazzo

Moraima Randazzo

As a creative services manager, Moraima leads a team of graphic designers to provide eye catching designs to help The Studio’s clients stand out from the crowd. And speaking of standing out, Moraima (Latin for “she who is as beautiful as the blueberry tree”) may seem like a unique name, but it’s quite popular in her family – her mother and sister are also named Moraima! Our Moraima has been with the company nearly a decade so far, first in Los Angeles and now in Atlanta. What also makes her good at her job is the passion she has for collaborating and problem-solving with a variety of staff from all regions of the company. As a former pole vaulter, she’s able to find ways to jump over any obstacle, making her exactly the sort of person you want on your team.