pam holland

Pam Holland

Pam brings 20+ years of experience to The Studio team. Having worked exclusively at digital and content marketing agencies, she now confidently oversees the marketing planning for the deployment of new agent tools, products and updates. Pam is a self-described “fitness class junkie” who enjoys cardio, yoga and kickboxing. She has also spent the last few years studying American Sign Language and actively volunteers at deaf community events. Family and fun are very important to Pam, who never hesitates to take on any challenge that comes her way.

laura pagel

Laura Pagel

Laura is a strategy specialist, expertly training agents on the latest and greatest marketing tools to help them stand out in today’s fast-paced real estate market. She also assists branch VPs with office marketing and recruitment efforts. Most of her free time is spent traveling with her husband and teenage daughter, either to their Lake Michigan getaway in Oostburg, Wisconsin, or to volleyball tournaments around the country. Laura also enjoys jigsaw puzzles and watching Gilmore Girls during cold winter months. We also hear she has a great singing voice!

tatiana mora

Tatiana Mora

Tatiana lives and breathes social media. Not only does she enjoy researching the latest trends and metrics, she also loves the challenge and excitement of creating high-impact, eye-catching content that draws users in from all corners of the globe. Outgoing and upbeat, Tatiana turned the quarantine into a positive experience by creating her own podcast and reading an impressive 52 books! Tatiana was born in Costa Rica, speaks fluent Spanish and is always happy to connect with new and old friends.

rachel jacobs

Rachel Jacobs

Rachel is known for her positive outlook, patience and creativity. With certification from both Harvard University and the Massachusetts College of Art, she offers agents strategic marketing guidance with artistic flair – a unique combination of skill and natural talent. Rachel is also a VW Beetle enthusiast and former lead vocalist for an all-girl punk rock band! She draws inspiration from the Wizard of Oz’s words to Dorothy: “You’ve always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn that for yourself.”

sam biga

Samantha Biga

Samantha is an innovator who thinks on her feet, loves the people she works with and strives to deliver her very best performance every day. There’s never a dull moment in the life of a social media specialist, and Samantha thoroughly enjoys the excitement of creating compelling content that draws in viewers from all over the world. Outgoing, honest and witty, Samantha was in an all-female a cappella group in college and loves peanut butter and sushi. Among her many talents, she can remove her socks and pair them using only her toes!

ryan gillespie

Ryan Gillespie

Field marketers and agents appreciate Ryan’s special talent for communication, dedication and resourcefulness. Known for his sense of humor and easy-going style, Ryan is a Mets, Jets, Islanders and Knicks superfan and former hip-hop crew dancer who is always happy to show off his latest moves. His favorite quote comes from Abraham Lincoln, who he happens to share a birthday with: “There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”

mikala gilroy

Mikala Gilroy

Mikala loves assisting agents with their social media needs, happy to answer any questions they have while offering advice on marketing themselves to their best advantage. “Do one thing every day that scares you,” is Mikala’s favorite quote, and she’s certainly taken that advice to heart. While living in New Zealand, where she worked for a production company, she skydived at 16,500 feet! Known for her upbeat attitude and technical prowess, Mikala jumps at the chance to help agents maximize their social media presence!

melissa fernald

Melissa Fernald

Mix equal parts creative, curious and organized, and knead together with a dash of unique problem-solving skills and you’ll get Melissa – field marketing specialist for the Orange County region. She supports agents across multiple offices in their branding journey. Her inquisitive nature is indispensable at work as well as at home, where she’s usually busy perfecting her sourdough bread recipe. Nothing brings Melissa more joy than helping her clients discover that “aha!” moment for their marketing plan – well, except maybe a matcha tea latte and a classic Jersey Mike’s sub.

lindsay newlar

Lindsay Newler

As project manager of strategic marketing projects, Lindsay is all about what happens behind the scenes of The Studio. (In the time it’s taken to read this sentence, it’s likely she’s already planned, strategized and launched something epic!) She thrives in a collaborative setting and is always ready to jump in and help. Fun fact: Lindsay finds her Zen on the beach with a good book and a margarita.

kaitlin mackenzie

Kaitlyn Mackenzie

Personable, funny and empathetic, Ian easily connects with agents and feels personally invested in their success. A marketing specialist, he helps them hone their strategies and Kaitlyn is entirely focused on supporting field office staff and agents with all their marketing needs. As a former agent herself, she offers invaluable insight on the latest products and tools and how agents can use them to enhance their personal brand. Kaitlyn is not only known for her marketing expertise — she also loves to travel and snowboard. With her impressive skills and upbeat attitude, we know Kaitlyn can navigate any twists and turns that come her way. objectives, and master valuable tools so they can boost their business. Ian earned a communication degree from San Diego State University, and in his first full year with the company was named Marketing Coordinator of the Year. A huge Padres fan, he’s hopeful his team may finally win a championship “after decades of suffering.” If not, the light of his life, super-sassy rescue pug Babs, will be there to cheer him up.

ian holmes

Ian Holmes

Personable, funny and empathetic, Ian easily connects with agents and feels personally invested in their success. A marketing specialist, he helps them hone their strategies and objectives, and master valuable tools so they can boost their business. Ian earned a communication degree from San Diego State University, and in his first full year with the company was named Marketing Coordinator of the Year. A huge Padres fan, he’s hopeful his team may finally win a championship “after decades of suffering.” If not, the light of his life, super-sassy rescue pug Babs, will be there to cheer him up.

david perkins

David Perkins

David relishes his role helping agents set up their business and showing them how to use the company’s digital marketing tools and new strategies to grow their business. In addition to a BA degree in marketing and interactive studies, he has certifications in Facebook Blueprint and Google AdWords. Exuberant and empathetic, David’s always ready to share his knowledge, encouraging agents to call him if they need help. An avid Dungeons & Dragons player with a slew of diverse characters, David unwinds with twice-a-week games and long daily walks with his dog, Jackson.

ciri fenzel

Ciri Fenzel

Ciri’s favorite quote, “Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose,” sums up her work ethic. A recipient of the 2020 Realogy Next Gen Rising Star Award, this accomplished marketing professional and skilled trainer deftly manages key marketing objectives, guiding 450-plus agents in five offices, and supervises agent engagement and adoption of over 18 programs. With an upbeat, fun personality and patient, empathetic demeanor, Ciri has a great rapport with agents. In her free time, she enjoys working out, cooking and her two Dogues de Bordeaux (mastiffs), which each weigh more than she does!

brittany ward

Brittany Ward

A creative, innovative thinker, Brittany oversees events, charity drives and giveaways for the Strategy Studio’s client appreciation program, helping agents stay in touch with their sphere. Besides going above and beyond in her job, she’s an overachiever in her time off, too. A licensed cosmetologist with a BA degree in marketing management, she’s now working toward earning certificates in Google data analytics and Facebook social media marketing, and learning six languages! Brittany has two fur babies – Jax, a bobtail cat, and Rhea, a blue brindle pit bull – and finds time to volunteer with a special-needs rescue group.

betty goodman

Betty Goodman

With a passion for social media, succinct storytelling and helping others, Betty has definitely found her niche. On any given day, she juggles multiple duties, from developing meaningful social media strategy and content, to highlighting sales associates’ achievements and collaborating with field teams to provide agents with solid social plans. It seems like Betty took her dad’s advice – “If you are going to do something, do it right” – to heart. She also knows how to have fun, and enjoys skiing, tennis, outdoor time with friends and family, junk food and reality TV.

ah matalon

A.J. Matalon

A puzzle whiz who once could solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 30 seconds, A.J. is adept at overcoming challenges. With patience and a great sense of humor, he educates agents about new programs and helps them sharpen their marketing strategies so they can achieve their goals. Real estate runs in his blood – as a child, he sometimes accompanied his sister to her office, later launching his own career in the same building! When not working, he’s most at home behind a drum set, and has performed at House of Blues and the Whisky a Go Go in the LA area.

nakia fritz

Kia Fritz

Positive, creative and energetic, Kia provides agents with innovative ways to market themselves and their personal brand. She’s also the ultimate team player, eager to dive into projects at a moment’s notice and always up for a brainstorming session, embracing her belief that creativity is contagious. In her free time, you’ll often find Kia running on trails near her home, at the ceramic studio working on new additions to her collection of mugs and bowls, and keeping friends laughing with her quirky sense of humor.

xishel hyde

Xishel Hyde

Before joining the marketing team, Xishel honed her creative skills as a graphic designer. That artistic flair has certainly been valuable in her role as a marketing specialist. In addition to educating agents about valuable tools and demonstrating how to best implement them in their marketing strategies, she is able to skillfully piece everything together while making agents feel as though they’ve achieved something amazing. While things can get hectic, not much fazes this vibrant, fun Belize native who embraces the slogan, “Like water off a duck’s back!”

holmen jennifer

Jennifer Holmen

If you’re asking Jennifer, it’s creativity, trust and a grand sense of adventure that make the world go ‘round. As art director on the Design Concierge team, she channels this philosophy to produce thoughtful, effective designs for agents. A self-described problem-solver, she loves working through the complexities of design tasks and thrives on collaboration. When she’s not making magic at The Studio, Jennifer is always on the go, whether she’s zipping across her entire home state on her trusty bike (220 miles in two days!) or chasing after her two rambunctious boys and Shih-Tzu puppy, Lulu.

kathleen henn

Kathleen Henneberry

As a role model and advisor, Kathleen provides agents with unmatched services and guidance backed by her exceptional experience as a former sales associate. Uniting the essentials of a journalism degree with her accomplishments of years in the field, Kathleen is the thoughtful, perceptive and sensitive luxury marketing manager every agent can rely on. When it comes to fun, Kathleen is great for a laugh and can regale anyone with amazing travel stories – even better, she’s always happy to show off her Irish step dancing skills!

alyssa fong

Alyssa Fong-Cripe

Alyssa educates agents to equip them with the tools and strategic understanding they need to build their business, going above and beyond to creatively help them establish a presence in the real estate industry. Self-described as eccentric and driven, Alyssa is a powerhouse who has been promoted twice in her less than three years with the company. It should come as no surprise that her energy doesn’t clock out at the end of the day – she also speaks fluent Japanese and enjoys going on hikes in her free time.

jake bachman

Jake Bachman

By teaching agents to successfully leverage the tools, services and benefits at their disposal, Jake helps them excel and create more opportunities in their business. He is living proof that you’ll never have to “work” a day in your life when you love your job – Jake has a special gift for building long-lasting relationships (which can make the workday fly by like a California breeze). Another way to connect with Jake? All things reality tv! He’s an expert on his favorite show starring RuPaul – and even won a Drag Race fantasy league.

hannah wright

Hannah Wright

When it comes to online and social marketing initiatives for agents, it’s Hannah to the rescue! As a fun and outgoing marketing specialist, Hannah invests agents with the confidence to work with company tools and improve their online presence. It’s no wonder she is a vital resource for helping them commit to their marketing goals and strategies – she loves supporting family and friends outside the office, too. With a tasty Diet Coke in hand, Hannah can often be found cheering on her beloved Columbus Blue Jackets or traveling!

brooke emsh

Brooke Emshoff

Coming from hospitality, Brooke was on a steep learning curve when she joined The Studio, but with the invaluable support of the team, she has become an expert and absolutely loves assisting agents. A firm believer in having a positive and perky attitude, she enjoys helping agents work smarter (not harder!) and seeing every obstacle as an opportunity. Often found wearing pink around the office, Brooke is an avid crafter and enjoys volunteering for the Saint Louis Christmas Carols Association. She is an expert on all things British, especially the Royal Family.

trom proctor

Trom Procter

A former agent, Trom describes herself as the “hostess with the mostest,” offering her extensive marketing knowledge to the benefit of sales associates. Agents taken under Trom’s wing will receive the best education in effective strategies for success. While she has received several community awards, she’s not all-work and no-play. Trom loves to entertain, and guests should come prepared: She loves Thai chili peppers and a hot sauce that scores 135,600 degrees on the Scoville scale! So, if you have any extra hot peppers in your garden, she will gladly take them.

talia vander

Talia VanderVelden

When you love utilizing your problem-solving skills and outgoing personality to inspire your colleagues, it shows through the success of others – just look at the happy agents supported by Talia! She trains sales associates on the tools they need to master personal marketing and branding. With her approachable attitude, it’s no wonder Talia’s an adventurer who enjoys meeting new people – she studied in Europe during her years as a grad student, and she’s a sand volleyball enthusiast with great advice: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

tiffany brandt

Tiffany Brandt

Tiffany’s mission is effectively ambitious: “I work with agents to ensure their marketing is fabulous.” That includes brainstorming, strategizing and educating agents on all facets of digital and print marketing, with her patient and positive energy perfectly balanced by her goofy humor. In her personal life, Tiffany leads an active lifestyle outdoors, rocks out to live music and manages her dog’s Insta page – but she doesn’t let that stop her from engaging with the community on the regular, including volunteering at local animal shelters!

katie asselin

Katie Asselin

Don’t be caught off guard if you hear Katie exclaim, “boom!” That’s her reaction whenever something works like she said it would. We have no doubt this fun-loving go-getter responds this way frequently, whether showing agents how to use certain tools to best position themselves in the market, scaling new heights rock climbing with her fiancé or teaching herself to embroider during the quarantine. Genuine, kind and outgoing, Katie truly enjoys working with agents and making sure they’re happy, but in her downtime, this huge dog lover admits she generally prefers the company of pups over people.

maggie lawler

Maggie Lawler

With a background in luxury public relations, marketing and branding, Maggie is perfectly suited to oversee Global Luxury marketing in New England. Her experience, dedication and can-do attitude enable her to excel at helping top agents secure listings, boost their branding efforts and execute marketing plans for high-end properties. Astute, kind and helpful, Maggie is second to none at anticipating agents’ needs and solving problems. Maggie lives in Boston’s South End neighborhood with her husband, young son and golden retriever, Winnie the Pooch.

rosalina guarino

Rosalina Guarino

Rosalina knows firsthand that good things happen to those who hustle. At Rutgers University, she earned a marketing degree and was a member of the women’s rowing team. Being organized and detail-oriented helped Rosalina become a star student-athlete, and the same skill set, combined with her creativity and passion for collaborating, make her stand out as she oversees day-to-day details of the Welcome Home Program, and supports Global Luxury and other projects. When not working, she loves to bake new things and spend time with her family at the shore in the summer.

stephanie davis

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie is passionate about helping agents learn about effective tools so they can become more productive. Positive and encouraging, she also works one-on-one with agents to develop a marketing plan aimed at helping them continually elevate their business, and takes pride in watching them succeed. At home, Stephanie and her husband keep busy tending to their own brood – two awesome kids and a zoo of fur babies. A self-proclaimed foodie, she loves to cook, but baking is definitely not in her wheelhouse. “There is totally a difference!”

nickel hillary

Hillary Nickel

Thoughtful and hardworking, Hillary helps agents strategize and implement effective marketing practices. Beyond strategy sessions, she’s a dedicated coach and accountability partner who is truly invested in agents’ success. At work or play, the wheels are always turning for this bubbly magna cum laude college grad, whether seeking inventive ways to convert traditional meals into tasty vegan dishes or planning her next adventure. Hillary’s already road-tripped across the U.S. three times, visiting 40 states! Somehow, we’re not surprised at her motto, “Don’t threaten me with a good time.”

dee fielding2

Dee Fielding

Hardworking and sweet natured, Dee is well-suited to her role as a field marketing specialist, assisting agents in Arizona with taking full advantage of exceptional tools to help them boost their business. After growing up in New Zealand, Dee embarked on a new journey in Los Angeles, earning a master’s degree in psychology while working as a real estate marketing coordinator – not a bad combination!

Charlene Conill

Charlene Conill

If there’s anyone who has a sparkling lifestyle full of intrigue, it’s Charlene! This manager always brings her fabulous energy when helping agents secure and market their exceptional listings. Thanks to her 10+ years of previous experience in marketing luxury hotels, Charlene’s knowledge of luxury marketing, attention to detail and love of a good challenge are well-suited for her position. So, it’s no wonder she has a special tenacity for the day-to-day and can give us all a lesson in living life to the fullest! Charlene traveled through South America during grad school, is a self-proclaimed fashion nut and spends her free time running around after her two kids.

joe wise

Joe Wise

When agents need help navigating the ever-changing demands and climate of social media, they know they can turn to Joe Wise as their guide. With “the proverbial 10,000 hours” of identifying industry best practices under his belt, this early adopter has been imparting social wisdom for a decade. While social media platforms can be a turbulent experience, it’s a worthy challenge for Joe – as a former floor trading auctioneer and Wall Street seat holder, you can be sure that he thrives in challenging environments.

KathyGulvas cropped 1

Kathy Gulvas

Passionate. Driven. Trailblazer. These are just a few words that capture Kathy’s standout career that has taken her talents from journalism to award-winning public relations campaigns for global brands, to cutting-edge marketing for Southwest Florida luxury real estate. This marketing unicorn brings her ideas and contagious energy to help agents implement growth strategies. When you’re ready for small talk, bring a cold one and ask about her near-birth experience at sea during the Mariel Boatlift.

brittany moulton

Brittany Moulton

An L.A. transplant who has become a “Florida girl at heart,” Brittany feels right at home in the Sunshine State and at Coldwell Banker, where her dad was a longtime agent. Outgoing and energetic, it’s easy to see why she previously excelled in retail sales. The same passion that made her a star salesperson, along with great digital marketing skills, make her a natural as a field marketing specialist. Leveraging our amazing marketing tools, she helps agents grow their business and stand out from the competition. Brittany also enjoys serving on local boards that give back to her community.

sol scott

Sol Scott

To all who know her, Sol’s name captures both her brilliant enthusiasm and her blazing professional record. Before joining Coldwell Banker to help agents increase their productivity, Sol founded and ran her own marketing agency for six years and was one of four national entrepreneurs spotlighted in a USAA Magazine “Be Your Own Boss” feature. Beyond Sol’s career, as an avid traveler, epicurean and former singer, you can expect this superstar to radiate sunshine and laughter wherever she goes.

vanessa romero

Vanessa Romero

A consummate professional who loves to “help people thrive,” Vanessa is a perfect fit for her role as a field marketing specialist. A passion for real estate, marketing and content creation, combined with a fun, outgoing personality, enable her to easily connect with agents and help them with their marketing and branding needs so they can grow their business. Vanessa is also resourceful and committed to always going the extra mile to help people succeed, which may explain her favorite quote, “Where there is a will, there is a way!”

sheri schobert

Sheri Schobert

Sheri has all the know-how to help agents promote their business, and as a former real estate agent with several sales under her belt, she has a shining record to prove it. Sheri enjoys coaching new agents on Coldwell Banker’s marketing suite and prides herself on her volunteer service. A Tampa native, she also loves outdoor activities like fishing, sailing and walking. If you want a boost of motivation from Sheri, here’s an encouraging tip: “Things don’t happen for a reason. Things happen because you make them happen!”

candyce holland

Candyce Holland

When agents work with Candyce, they know they have a marketing champion on their side – take it from her own motto, “I love to see agents win.” Candyce earned her Master of Science degree in Marketing Analysis with a 4.0 GPA, and brings that same energy to the 1,500 agents she serves. Also, this FMM knows how to have fun! A Mickey Mouse lover, Candyce has been to Disney World at least 80 times. So if you’re in the area, you can bet she has some advice to share on winning marketing strategies and expert theme park navigation.

vineis caitlin

Caitlin Vineis

We can only assume that Caitlin is in charge of throwing all her friend’s birthday parties. She’s one of The Studio’s super talented event specialists. More specifically, she’s the one that helps recognize and reward the agents for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Caitlin is highly organized, passionate and dedicated, but we bet you didn’t know she’s a serious hot sauce fiend. This world traveler (evidence: she studied abroad in Australia) has bottles for every country she’s ever been to—just don’t ask her to share her favorites.

malechuk kristianne

KristiAnne Malechuk

She may be known as the ‘mom’ or even the ‘grandma’ of her friend group, but to us, she’s the aunt who always has candy. KristiAnne is the energized, passionate event specialist for our Arizona, Utah and California markets. She organizes our events from start to finish, adding in her special wow-factor and creating unforgettable moments for agents. KristiAnne is a former study-abroad student, where she captured the beauty of Rome so thoroughly that she won her college’s international photography contest. Back in the States, if you find her awake after 7:30 pm, she’s probably busy crafting or tossing a frisbee to her adorable puppy, Leroy.

versackas deb

Deb Versackas

If you ever find yourself in a panic because you forgot you’re hosting tomorrow night’s Fourth of July party, Deb is your girl. As an event specialist, Deb is in charge of planning and managing events for the entire company and also manages the charitable giving for three Coldwell Banker regions. An organizing machine, Deb also doubles as the life of the party if you remember to bring her oysters—seriously. She eats them weekly, and we’re curious to know if she gathers them up herself while floating on the ocean waters on her 6-foot inflatable unicorn. In all seriousness, Deb is a valued member not just of The Studio, but of the community, likely thanks to her motto, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

nic williams

Nic Williams

Nic has already had a very interesting and varied background — being the owner of his own clothing brand, real estate appraiser, competitive cyclist — to which he adds Field Marketing Manager. Nic is tasked with all marketing activities in the state as well as coordinating efforts with Southern California to ensure marketing consistency. He realizes that real estate is a fast-moving business and lives by the motto “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” With his competitive spirit and entrepreneurial background, failing doesn’t seem to be an option.

gianna mazzarella

Gianna Mazzarella

“Living in a world designed for right-handed people forces lefties to come up with creative solutions.” And so southpaw Gianna goes about everyday using creativity and intuition to tackle whatever is thrown her way, assisting the events team in any and all administrative tasks. Gianna’s background includes a degree in TV and digital media along with a love of sushi. Personable, charming, ambitious and courageous, she’s always ready to lend a hand. More than likely, the left one.

baker morgan

Morgan Baker

Morgan competes in Spartan Races and Tough Mudders and was a nationally-ranked Division I tennis player at Manhattan College, so it goes without saying that our luxury markets coordinator for The Strategy Studio is driven and results-oriented. Much of her job entails B2B marketing, where she excels at building relationships with clients. She’s based in Madison – she’d love it if you stopped by and said hi if you’re in the area!

griffith kelly

Kelly Griffith

Dependable. Organized. Detail-oriented. Kelly was born to serve as a project coordinator. Okay, that’s overly dramatic, but either way, she does her job incredibly well. Kelly and her colleagues are the engine that propels the endless array of Core 4-themed marketing projects that make their way through the company. Thanks to her management skills, agents are quickly and efficiently supplied with their thought-provoking promotional collateral, so they can – you guessed it – sell homes and promote their business. And Kelly’s involvement in real estate doesn’t stop there. She is admittedly obsessed with watching HGTV in her spare time and has been known to recreate the on-air decorations in her own home.

christine barragan

Christine Barragan

When the agents see their name in lights, on award plaques or hear it shouted from the rooftops, that’s all courtesy of Christine. She’s in charge of coordinating our national awards and recognition process for agents, and she’s in it for the long-haul. She’s already been with the company for 17 years! An organized team-player, Christine is dependable, hilarious and on a mission to visit all 1,055 designated historical sites in California with her husband and two kids. Ask her about the 700 sites she’s already seen!

Latham Bethany 2

Bethany Latham

There is an artist in our midst – Bethany is a musician, actor, TV show developer, yoga certified-bound instructor, sweet treats baker and pop culture aficionado. She applies her creative nature to making the most out of our marketing tools and business strategy. She helps agents increase their success by identifying and meeting their marketing needs while also recruiting and retaining team members. Witty, loyal to the core, a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts (earning the organization’s highest honor) and a canine rescue mom – we clearly see how her zest for life contributes to the success of so many.


Shira Rabkin

With a long-time background in real estate and an extensive knowledge of the Coldwell Banker® marketing tools, Shira is the point person in the Wayzata office. She’s also an indispensable resource for information on global luxury and distinctive homes. Eager to help agents with any of their needs, she works diligently to assist clients and help improve their marketing strategies. Creative, imaginative, kind and generous, Shira is a natural fit for the position of field marketing specialist. Outside the office, she enjoys painting, dining with friends and listening to Joni Mitchell.

anuj chaudh

Anuj Chaudhary

A field social media specialist with diverse skills and talents, Anuj relishes the opportunity to don a variety of hats, living by his credo, “It’s kind of fun doing the impossible.” Whether using his digital savvy to help agents build and grow their brands or showcasing his multifaceted creativity as a producer, writer, composer and professional musician, Anuj feels fortunate to be doing “something unique and wonderful” every day. This self-described lovably obnoxious burrito enthusiast also finds time to cheer for hometown favorites the San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors and 49ers.

wallace kim

Kim Wallace

Kim is all about relationship building. For 18 years, she’s forged deep connections with not only the company but team members and clients to ensure positive outcomes. She enjoys working closely with agents on their personal marketing strategies. Kim is a team player with enough team spirit for all! Kind, patient, understanding and ready to laugh, she brings a positive vibe to the office and finds more joy waiting for her at home with her three cherished children and cockapoo! Happy dances all around!

rajdl alexis

Alexis Rajdl

Energetic, outgoing, efficient and effervescent, Alexis has all the makings of a well-rounded marketing specialist. Knowledgeable about the company’s technology tools, she shares her expertise by training agents so they can make the most of these all-important resources. Alexis has the necessary skill sets to help agents build their business. Dependable, friendly and always inspiring smiles at work, she turns a few heads after hours as a Hula-Hoop dancer – we’re intrigued! Circle back and keep us in the loop on plans for your next performance.

nordquist morgan

Morgan Nordquist

Have you ever wondered who’s the creative genius behind a magical gala event or a meticulously coordinated mega education expo? Meet Morgan, events specialist extraordinaire. She’s one of our masterful event planners putting her creative juices to work from theme to final seating assignments. Personable, adaptable and eager to deliver memorable moments, her planning skills follow suit even after work hours. She loves to gather with friends and discover new restaurant cuisines to satisfy her foodie obsessions. Let’s make the next toast to Morgan!

nicole conner

Nicole Conner

Behind every agent’s success there must be an eMarketing plan in place, and Nicole is there to assist with this most necessary aspect of today’s business. She trains sales associates on marketing techniques, company tools and social media platforms. Positive, organized and outgoing, Nicole also loves to sing and has been a part of several bands. A constant traveler, her bucket list includes visiting every U.S. state – she’s been to 34 so far and there’s no end in sight. Happy trails, Nicole!

Kristen Mullikin

Kristen Mullikin

Kristen is a truly remarkable senior digital specialist (we’re not exaggerating, she won the 2016 Coldwell Banker King Thompson Truly Remarkable Employee Award!) She specializes in all the Desk tools available to agents and troubleshoots any issues. Kristen is a whiz when it comes to web presence for agents. She successfully assists them by getting to know each agent’s individual business needs. Thoughtful and dependable, each January she gathers with friends and family for a huge feast dubbed a “Thank-Mas-Year.” She plays the hand bells in her church choir, too – her skills ring true wherever she goes.

Anne Callaghanheadshot

Anne Callaghan

Anne likes to mix it up every day and that’s just what her field marketing specialist job affords her. She loves brainstorming with agents on Monday, teaching marketing tools on Tuesday, and going over all the Coldwell Banker® programs with new agents just coming aboard every other day of the week. She attributes her success to patience and enthusiasm making sure she meets all agents’ marketing goals. Fun, easygoing and independent, Anne is devoted to her loyal yellow Labrador Retriever, Pumpkin, who is also delightful – we suspect Pumpkin picked up his good nature from Anne along the way.

Ghandour  Pamela

Pamela Ghandour

Pamela’s world travels included living in five different countries, which exposed her to many cultures, places and people, helping her hone communication skills and create strong business relationships. She prides herself on excellent customer service and discovering common interests with agents. Curious by nature, this outgoing adventurer is also into building a stronger body by lifting weights. You could say Pamela successfully raises the bar in more ways than one.

kovatch laura

Laura Kovatch

Laura travelled to nearly every continent, lived in Saudi Arabia, was charged by an elephant and tells a tale like no other! Marketing specialist or a relative of Indiana Jones? We’re not sure, but we know it’s how this marketing specialist rolls. She gets straight to the point and digs in, helping agents successfully build their business. Outgoing, fun-loving and challenge-seeking, this fearless friend and mother with a heart of gold has a self-described obsession with cheese. Soft cheese, hard cheese, if it has cheese in the name, she’s eating it. She has her whole family saying, “cheese, please.” And that’s just a mere slice of Laura’s life – we can’t wait to hear the rest.

milner kenneth

Kenneth Milner Jr.

A professional through and through, Kenneth maintains an excellent reputation with his clients as the go-to field marketing specialist for consultation, curation and development of marketing. A champion of the brand and supportive of agents, his attention to detail and patience in his role as specialist is apparent. Kenneth applies the same high standards to his musical interests outside the office. He is the lead vocalist of a band, plays piano, French horn and percussion. He also enjoys pro sports, running and skiing. Clearly, there’s no stopping Kenneth!

Amanda Hamchuk

Amanda Hamchuk

Amanda is a self-described “people person” – she loves teaching, coaching, helping and being with people from agents to coworkers, this is no solitary marketing specialist! But she’s also a techy, she knows her way around a computer and uses her skills to help agents execute their marketing plans to perfection. She assists them by introducing new tools and guides them through the ins and outs of using social media for business. A cook, traveler and glass-half-full gal, Amanda embraces life and shares her good vibes with all.

Scott Leah

Leah Scott

One of the ways Leah excels at helping agents live exceptional lives is making their digital platforms look exceptionally wonderful! She has an awesome Facebook business page – Real Estate Marketing with Leah – that speaks for itself. Leah also has ties to Hollywood: she wrote, produced and funded a short film that debuted at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago in 2009 and at a film festival in Los Angeles, moreover she’s related to a famous actress. However, Leah’s not revealing who that person is – c’mon, don’t leave us hanging – inquiring minds want to know!

knieja lauren 1

Lauren Knieja

We’re currently in the process of designing a cape with the letters L.K. emblazoned on it for Lauren, because we agree with her – she’s here to save the day! Lauren swoops in wherever needed to help at a moment’s notice. Her delightful demeanor and positive attitude make her a super friendly face at the office and a joy to work with. A soccer devotee and wannabe beach bum, she’s not quite ready to stop working her hardest for the field marketing team in Deerfield. We appreciate all that you do, Lauren – you’re definitely a super hero in our book!

de jong jeffrey

Jeffrey De Jong

According to those that know Jeffrey well, he’s your go-to guy should there be a zombie apocalypse – good to know! He’s super reliable, supportive and a strong problem solver, all necessary traits while fending off zombies and assisting agents with strategies and solutions. Always available to patiently listen to concerns and help create solutions, Jeffrey is a creative thinker dedicated to helping agents. He enjoys a good challenge that rewards skill, knowledge and being quick on your feet. He’s also a curiosity seeker voraciously absorbing information from YouTube and Wikipedia. Perhaps his research will lead him to write the ultimate Zombie Survival Guide one day, it’s sure to be a bestseller!

Kelly Christen

Christen Kelly

When Christen is not busy cheering for the Bay area home teams (she’s a Giants, Warriors, Niners and Sharks fan), agents and branch managers get her full support in marketing strategy. Building their businesses by helping to develop and execute marketing plans is her winning talent. She also lends her experience and provides training of the exceptional Coldwell Banker® tools. A creative problem-solver who is passionate about her work and adventurous on her off hours, Christen applies her all-in attitude to the thrill of downhill skiing and snowboarding in winter and riding the water’s edge on her wakeboard in summer. Catch her if you can!

Olivia Stultz

Olivia Stultz

Olivia is instrumental in facilitating a smooth introduction to agents of our Clients For Life program. From preparation to production, she helps with strategic implementation of this powerful application that assists agents in building their business. Hardworking, creative and extremely organized, Olivia puts her skills to good use as well as her knowledge of entrepreneurship, ethics and leadership which she acquired through the University of Florida’s Innovation Academy program. When not at work, you may find Olivia on the slopes skiing or on the water paddle boarding. Wherever we may find Olivia, we’re sure she’s headed straight for success.

Janice Greenberg

Janice Greenberg

Patience is one of Janice’s virtues, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by agents who recognize this quality in her. Whether she is teaching agents how to use the company’s new tools or informing them on marketing strategies to build their business, Janice makes agents feel comfortable no matter the topic. A cat lover with a soft spot for all living things, Janice volunteers at a local animal shelter and drives all the way from Illinois to a rural Utah animal sanctuary to lend a helping hand – amazing! Educated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree, the school of rock and roll is not lost on her either, as she has seen Bruce Springsteen in concert more than 50 times. Clearly, devotion is also on the list of Janice’s fine qualities.

Irma Iluridze1

Irma Iluridze

We’re counting the successes of this highly skilled field marketing specialist, who helps agents cultivate their marketing “voice” through print, social media and digital outlets. Irma offers valuable information to agents on how to grow their business by educating them on the power of the company’s exceptional tools. Her strong skills include the ability to adapt and be agile on the job, plus she’s trilingual, speaking English, Russian and Ukrainian. All this also translates into a winning approach outside the office. She enjoys camping, hiking, skiing and beach activities. There’s no slowing Irma down – she has conducted over 2,000 one-on-one appointments with agents and taught over 200 classes on marketing at branch offices. With these impressive stats, it’s no surprise this go-getter has come this far!

Britney Frandsen

Brittany Frandsen

Brittany likes to mix in a little fun with her business acumen. She provides agents with a supportive, collaborative environment and believes work can and should be an enjoyable part of everyone’s day. She loves brainstorming with agents and infuses her kind, smart and fun-loving personality into her daily activities. Brittany may be a self-described klutz, but it’s smooth sailing when she hits the water. An accomplished swimmer, she coached and taught the sport for nearly a decade. She loves to cook, entertain and digs gardening. Plus, she’s a Scrabble champ – how many of those do you know? We give you double points, Brittany, for spelling out S-U-C-C-E-S-S in every way possible – across, down and diagonally! Keep up the good work.

Molly Briscoe

Molly Briscoe

Molly puts her field marketing skills to work every day by assisting agents in achieving their goals and helping them make the most of the Coldwell Banker® tools. Sincere, helpful and a great team player, Molly received the 2018 Annual Best Staff Award for her location’s office. She’s playful, ready to learn new things and driven. Speaking of driven, she loves to go on random drives around beautiful Utah and will drive out of her way to find the perfect loaf of rye or sour dough bread – that’s what we call going the extra mile for a better slice of life!


Caitlin Spikes

Caitlin has what it takes to provide excellent agent marketing support: a self-defined “people person,” perky and patient, with a B.A. in public relations and an M.A. in mass communication from Texas Tech University. Her business acumen aside, she has a couple of unusual interests outside of work including her three pet ferrets Pretzel, Cheddar and Fry (it sounds like Caitlin finds them deliciously irresistible) and her obsession with all things Harry Potter. More than qualified for the job and just a little quirky, Caitlin has us utterly bewitched!

Taylor Bilissit Photo e1574269292826

Taylor Blissit

Taylor’s taking the bull by the horns in her new role as Field Marketing Manager in Houston. Her Texas roots play a big part in her wide-reaching enthusiasm for all things exciting, from Houston real estate to college football, DIY projects to her toddler on the move! Taylor loves indulgent confections and balances her sweet tooth with working out (solid plan). What’s next from this mentor, mom, crafter and supportive FMM? Stay tuned, we’re sure Taylor will be leaving her mark in a big way – Texas style!


Christina Salley

Driven by seeing the enjoyment of attendees at events she’s planned is motivation enough for Christina. As an event specialist responsible for planning various events in Florida, she credits her attention to detail and love of what she does for making events simply “fabulous.” When she’s not planning, she’s serving… on the tennis court. Her other passion.

Jennifer Motruk

Jennifer Motruk

The Field Marketing Manager is many things rolled into one – marketing expert, communications master, analytical thinker, brand ambassador, tools tour guide, and most importantly, someone who treats each affiliate like our client. Sounds like the perfect job for Jennifer. Jennifer credits her drive, confidence, creativeness sprinkled with a high emotional quotient, and good sense of humor as key to tackling any challenges that come her way as FMM. To Jennifer, art is everything. This art history major still finds ways to weave it into her life every day. Way cool fact: President Obama and wife Michelle crashed her birthday dinner in DC in 2018, so we know she has presidential approval.

werkmeister diana

Diana Werkmeister

Diana knows several web languages — HTML, CSS, PHP, Elvish, Dothraki. Ok, maybe not the last two. But this social media guru is a valuable asset for Coldwell Banker’s Pittsburgh regional offices, assisting them with their social efforts along with company-wide communication projects and events. Diana and her husband boast a collection of more than 200 board games! They must have one big game closet.


Liz Rogers

Liz understands perfectly well that real estate is a seven-day a week job, which is why she makes herself available to agents, well, seven days a week. Starting off in real estate in her early 20s by assisting her mother, Liz works with the executive leadership team on regional projects and strategic marketing plans for agents across the Mid-Atlantic region. Her tireless work ethic has led to ways to improve agent recruitment and retention by producing a video testimonial campaign, updating the company’s presence at trade shows, and creating awareness of company tools through events like NRT Referral Rewards. Liz also serves as the local liaison for the Global Luxury program, producing Elite Sales events, and overseeing print advertising. In her spare time — wait, there is no spare time.

odash joanne

Joanne Odash

Joanne likes to pay it forward. She often starts the random acts of caffeinated kindness in a Starbucks drive-thru on her way to the office. This marketing enthusiast brings that ‘doing for others’ spirit with a sense of humor and fun in her work onboarding and handling marketing conversions for experienced agents and teams affiliating with the company. Joanne has a passion for providing stellar customer service and support to the branch field offices, as well. Her list of accomplishments also includes receiving the Distinguished Service Award from our senior leadership in 2018 and completing a Marketing Certificate Program, finishing with a 3.98 GPA – to which we add “wow!”

kimmet jaclyn

Jaclyn Kimmet

While helping agents learn how to use and implement company tools along with building their social media and website presence, Jaclyn notes she often has to think quickly on her feet. That makes total sense. As a collegiate and continuing league volleyball player, she’s had to think quickly on her feet for years — imagine a spiked volleyball coming directly at you! In her spare time, she recharges by traveling and hiking, at a somewhat slower pace.

Finck Nick

Nick Finck

Nick describes himself as adventurous. Traveling far and wide to capture photos that would one day appear in local exhibitions and teaching computer and office skills to residents of a small community in Tanzania, attests to that. What’s his latest adventure? Working with The Strategy Studio and Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® teams to bring a superior experience to agents to help them achieve their goals. Applying his worldly knowledge to this — piece of cake.

Daingerfield Stephen

Stephen Daingerfield

Agents love leads. So naturally, agents love Stephen. In his role, Stephen provides dedicated marketing support for Coldwell Banker Realty Referral Services, which drives leads and referrals to agents —obviously instrumental in helping them maintain and grow their business. Speaking of instrumental, Stephen plays the drums. Speaking of love, that would come from his pet tortoise named Koopa.

Gagliardi Terry

Terri Gagliardi

Cats and Pats. Two of Terri’s passions. As a volunteer at Feline Friends of SW Florida, she loves “all things feline.” And she’s been a devoted fan of the New England Patriots even before they were good – we’re not sure when that actually was. Terri professes an equal love of Excel, which is a perfect passion to have in her role supporting the Florida Marketing Director, the Florida Field Marketing Managers and offices around the state.

christensen sarah

Sarah Christensen

There’s a song written a few years ago called “Sarah Smile.” With her off-the-charts optimism, it was probably meant for our Sarah. A committed problem solver, she works with the field marketing team to ensure that are geared for success and have the tools they need to support agents, helping them in their pursuit of living an exceptional life. And with her sense of dedication, we just know it’s done with a big smile. How’s this for an interesting fact about her? She knows every word to Hamilton.

Burdick Danielle

Danielle Burdick

Danielle describes herself as unflappable and fervent. Sounds like she has a future as a writer. But right now, she’s applying these and other adjectives like passionate, versatile and outgoing to providing agents and branch managers in the field with expert marketing guidance, helping them execute their marketing strategies and build their businesses. In her spare time, she’s a goofy-footing snow boarder — another adjective we had to look up.

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Lauren never, ever, EVER lets her kids win at sports. And she uses that same energy, drive and focus – along with a healthy dose of fun and compassion – to help real estate agents and staff learn about cutting-edge tools they can use to build success. Lauren’s wide-ranging business and marketing expertise is no accident: she owned her own marketing agency for over a decade. When she’s not helping The Studio or beating her kids at sports, you can probably find Lauren with a paintbrush in her hand. She loves to draw and is currently working on a children’s book.

lamothe todd

Todd Lamothe

Even though he’s an accomplished multitasker capable of working across six states at once, Todd is surprisingly laid-back. And that’s a great trait to have when your job is guiding the marketing direction of Coldwell Banker NRT’s entire Northeast region. After more than 20 years in the real estate industry, Todd knows what it takes to effectively promote properties, recognize agents and position the company as a market leader. His ability to run rings around the competition isn’t limited to the workplace, though. He’ll zoom right past you on the weekends, too, as he’s also an avid runner and skier.

walton camy

Camy Walton

Camy wears many hats in her role as field marketing director for Northern California, Hawaii and Utah: people manager, business consultant, problem solver, marketing strategist, fun committee board member, success coach, budget keeper, Global Luxury guru, confidante, therapist and more. It keeps her on her toes, but her 15 years of classical dance training (along with her MA, MS and MBA degrees) have more than prepared her for the challenge. This musical theater actor/singer and former beauty pageant winner also has a winning personality – she’s enthusiastic, compassionate and fun.

darling ashley

Ashley Darling

A photojournalism student in college who has been published in multiple local and international news outlets, Ashley now concentrates on delivering picture-perfect marketing solutions to the agents and offices of Coldwell Banker NRT’s Ohio company. She calls herself “goofy,” but there’s nothing silly about the way she does her job. Whether it’s helping agents understand our company tools or helping staff navigate a sticky situation, Ashley is passionate about building relationships and helping others. She’s also passionate about some pasta cooked in a wheel of cheese she had in Aruba once, and is on a mission to recreate it. We’ll gladly help her eat it when she does!

nevin terrisa

Terrisa Nevin

Beware! If you have a cute dog, chances are that Terrisa will stop you and ask to pet it. As a project manager for The Strategy Studio, Terrisa manages a team dedicated to launching new programs nationwide that help affiliated sales associates live exceptional lives, and help brokerages recruit more exceptional agents. Terrisa (or Triscuit, as she’s known around the Sarasota, FL office) has lived in five states and earned her bachelor’s degree while working full-time. Next up for this goal-oriented go-getter? Her MBA.


Gina Grossmann

Help agents live exceptional lives! To Gina, the most important part of the business is supporting the agents by offering comprehensive marketing programs and tools, through publicity and advertising, as well as networking events designed to attract new clients, maintain customer relationships and sell more homes. As busy as she is at work, Gina makes the time to go to country music festivals, dance (especially line dance), play tennis, ski and travel.

bragdon randy

Randy Bragdon

Entrepreneurial Randy started his own real estate marketing company when he was only 19 and successfully ran it for 17 years. It’s this vast experience that comes in handy as he describes his job as a smörgåsbord of things; strategic marketing, creative, trainer, finance, leader, expert Waze user for all the time he spends on the freeway. His ability to use the left and right side of his brain, as well as his keen sense of humor keeps agents and the people on the team working smoothly. Randy also co-produced nine dance songs, that are remixes of horror/thriller movies. Listen to them on “DiscoPhantom” available on iTunes!

graczyk wendie

Wendie Graczyk

A passion for serving our agents and her team is what drives Wendie. “If agents are successful, then I’m successful!” It’s a good thing she likes having a lot of different things to work on since there’s no such thing as a typical day when you’re a field marketing manager. She provides agent marketing support which includes everything from direct agent marketing planning to helping train agents on company tools. She manages a marketing team that assists agents with personal branding, listing marketing support, office support, onboarding — and more. Additionally, she leads regional brand marketing activities. Fun fact about Wendie: she worked for a carnival in high school.

aimee lerner

Aimee Lerner

As the field marketing director for Coldwell Banker NRT in Chicago and the mother of triplets – yes, TRIPLETS – Aimee has her hands full in every possible way. She manages the region’s marketing portfolios and works with an awesome team of field specialists who continually strive to satisfy the marketing needs of affiliated agents. Patient, strong-willed and fair, Aimee wears her heart on her sleeve and is the type of person who thinks about what she wants for dinner before getting out of bed in the morning – probably because it’s the only chance she has the time.

deb pace

Deb Pace

Deb sits at the helm of the mighty marketing team for Coldwell Banker NRT in Florida. With more than 30 years of real estate experience, she has done it all, including selling a home to singer/songwriter Jose Feliciano. (For those of you who don’t know the name, he’s the “Feliz Navidad” guy.) Deb manages a crackerjack team of six and truly cares about outcomes, always trying to find solutions for every challenge. Though a “northern” gal at heart, Deb is obsessed with all things country – the music, the dancing, the cowboy boots and, of course, the cowboys! She also has a passion for interior decorating and home design.

Joyce Holman

Joyce Holman

As someone who is proficient in marketing strategy, Joyce loves helping others find their brand direction and voice, which is the perfect fit for her job – much like solving a 1000-piece puzzle. When she’s out in the field meeting with new and experienced agents, she takes the time to process their input and provide direction for the next steps they can take to marketing success. She’s a self-declared “left-brain/right-brain marketer” who is equally comfortable navigating an Excel spreadsheet as she is overseeing the creative process to help agents build their book of business. In her spare time, she loves to try new recipes from one of her many cookbooks or volunteering as a career coach (we told you she loves to help others).

donahue jacklyn

Jackie Donahue

With strong marketing skills and extensive real estate knowledge, Jackie is a natural in her position as field marketing manager for Coldwell Banker in Danbury, Connecticut. Now, she would tell you that her role in helping agents and managers communicate the value of Coldwell Banker is easy because of the company’s greatness. We think her outgoing and loving personality may also have something to do with her ability to provide the highest level of marketing support to agents and senior staff.

wdowiak john

John Wdowiak

Before he was successfully supporting the local Coldwell Banker NRT president and branch office managers in recruiting and retaining the best agents and helping those agents grow their business, John was living it up and loving the perks of being a sportswriter in Pittsburgh. John continues to enjoy life’s simple perks, whether it’s a relaxing walk with his dog or jamming out to his 1,000-vinyl record collection on his turntable. Other than music and hockey there’s only one thing John loves more – his family, which he thanks first and foremost for all his success.

zalewski sarah

Sarah Zalewski

With a flair for fun and the ability to negotiate compromise, Sarah leads a team of field marketing managers in St. Louis, Minnesota and Ohio, while delivering outstanding marketing education, events and communications to Coldwell Banker NRT affiliated sales associates, staff and leadership throughout the Midwest. She prides herself on perfecting the art of spinning plates, something that comes in handy both in her professional life and at home. A former runner and sometimes baker, Sarah spends much of her free time getting her steps in chasing around her daughter, Emma.

winchester john

John Winchester

John is passionate about everything he does – including the unwavering decision to eat chips and salsa for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you’ll be delighted to hear that John’s passion transcends his meal choices. As a field marketing manager in Utah, John is wholeheartedly committed to helping local agents live exceptional lives through unparalleled marketing support. John’s expertise and big ideas have also contributed to Coldwell Banker NRT’s national Core 4 Values initiative. Accomplishments aside, John is a people person who possesses the “super human” ability to mesh with all personality types.

williamson leslie

Leslie Williamson

When she’s not practicing her backswing or resting her vocal cords for a night of karaoke, this field marketing director is all about implementing marketing strategies for Coldwell Banker NRT’s affiliated agents, senior leadership and field marketing managers. Based out of Atlanta, Leslie oversees the Carolinas, Mid-Atlantic, Philly and central PA. This always-on-the-go gal finds Zen in playing the piano and enjoys volunteering on mission trips.

dustin romero

Dustin Romero

Dustin is as passionate about helping agents reach their full potential as he is about cheering on his kids from the sidelines at their baseball games, because Dustin loves to see others succeed. What else can be said about Dustin? He’s never a quitter! In fact, he’s halfway through his goal of visiting all 30 MLB baseball stadiums. These qualities make Dustin a spectacular field marketing manager. Always happy to lend a hand, he makes sure that every Coldwell Banker NRT affiliated agent in Sacramento can maximize the resources available to help them succeed. Fun, loyal and charismatic, Dustin is the kind of guy people love to be around, especially when he puts his sublime BBQ skills to practice.

nunns john

John Nunns

As a field marketing manager in Northern California, John handles a variety of tasks and responsibilities. He does likewise in his personal life, where he enjoys being a musician, a chef and a mountain biker –
he may just be one of the coolest people you could meet. It’s John’s wealth of creativity that drives the passion for his hobbies – and that same creativity spills into his work. In addition to helping interview and train all marketing coordinators in Northern California, John uses Coldwell Banker NRT’s Core 4 Values initiatives to help the company’s affiliated agents reach their full potential in new and exciting ways.

brandi moreton

Brandi Moreton

The youngest of six kids, Brandi is used to always being on the move, which serves her well as the field marketing manager for Coldwell Banker NRT in the Carolinas. Her dazzling personality charms everyone she meets, but it’s her determination to fix any problem and help agents that makes her so talented at real estate marketing (a solid 19 years of experience in the field doesn’t hurt). As a licensed real estate agent in North and South Carolina, Brandi knows how to identify the marketing opportunities that help agents in the region successfully promote their achievements and property listings. Brandi is truly one of a kind. I mean, have you ever met anyone else with three functioning, full-sized kidneys? …Exactly.

moir todd

Todd Moir

When you meet Todd, it’s impossible not to feel the energy, enthusiasm and gratitude he has for life and the work that he does as The Studio’s regional marketing manager for Colorado. This early-riser and outdoor enthusiast uses his talent and passion each day as he develops, tests and implements amazing tools, systems and programs designed to support real estate agents and their businesses. Whether Todd is outdoors enjoying the sun, fresh air and blue skies with his wife, Michelle, and two teenage boys or hashing out business ideas with his incredible leadership team, his dedication and passion is contagious

mcaleer brenda

Brenda McAleer

Brenda strives to live an exceptional life and is passionate about helping agents do the same. An energetic fireball, she has been with the company for more than two decades. Brenda hosts educational classes on how to use Coldwell Banker NRT’s powerful tools, organizes events that provide networking opportunities, and meets one-on-one with agents to help them elevate their business to the next level. She is Smart Home Certified and a member of the NRT National Diversity and Inclusion Team. Outside the office, she and her husband designed and are building their own house. Brenda writes poetry and keeps journals for their two girls so they can always treasure those memories of growing up.


Connie Lewis

Connie is just as clever as she is fun. A cheerleader motivating the agents in Florida’s panhandle, Connie provides support to rising stars by coaching them on how to use Coldwell Banker NRT’s marketing tools to fuel their production and domination of the market. Connie once dreamed of a career scouting locations for film projects, which she’s translated into scouting the best and brightest agents. She might be a well-educated, award-winning marketing pro, but when she is not cheering on the agents, she likes to wind down with a simpler life in the country tending to her goats and braking for squirrels.

kimsey rachael

Rachael Kimsey

As the field marketing manager for our Greater Los Angeles region, Rachael helps Coldwell Banker NRT agents, branch managers and marketing coordinators live exceptional lives through the company’s Core 4 values. From developing local and creative marketing campaigns to offering educational opportunities around Coldwell Banker’s marketing product suite, Rachael is a rock-star brand ambassador for all things Coldwell Banker. Interestingly, she hails from a Midwest family of rock, mineral and lapidary suppliers. We think she’s a gem!

geoghan jeff

Jeff Geoghan

Jeff is learning Russian, publishes novels, rides sport motorcycles and scuba dives. He’s also a huge Taco Bell fan. In his spare time (ha!), Jeff serves as the field marketing manager for Coldwell Banker NRT’s Central Pennsylvania region. Based in Lancaster, he helps Coldwell Banker affiliated agents grow their businesses and guide them through the powerful marketing technology offerings that help market homes and generate leads. His approach to helping agents is to motivate, empathize and suggest solutions to solving business obstacles. Jeff lived in SoCal before moving to Pennsylvania, where he earned a degree in marketing from Penn State and later his MBA while working as a full-time Realtor®.

cross clarissa

Clarissa Cross

Our problem-solving, world-travelling, ambitious field marketing manager for Dallas, Clarissa graces the region with her love of all things marketing, data and design. She dives deep into research and analysis to find innovative solutions so that agents can meet their marketing goals. Agents go to Clarissa for marketing help, resource support and advertising insights. Oh, and remember we mentioned she’s a world-traveler? She’s been to 27 countries (and counting)! We’ll place a bet now that this MBA student earns Most Likely to Succeed.

crawford amy

Amy Crawford

Sunny blonde Amy, our national director of strategic projects, is based out of equally sunny Sarasota, FL, Florida. Leading all strategic projects and Coldwell Banker NRT’s Core 4 Values reinventions across the country, Amy says that multi-tasking and project management skills, coupled with an M.B.A from Temple University, are what make her so great in the role. But if we’re being honest, her gift for strategy probably came earlier. Though she claims to be reformed, Amy was quite the pool shark in her college days and could out-hustle the best of them.

Coury Claudia FMM NorCal

Claudia Coury

You know that adventure-filled life that every person dreams about? Well Claudia is actually living it. After college, she traveled the world, calling both Paris and Barcelona her home for a number of years. She kicked off her professional career as a teacher – molding young minds – and now supports a talented network of extraordinary agents as a field marketing manager in Northern California. Claudia boasts endless patience, a high sense of empathy and superior training skills thanks to her teaching background. When the real estate marketing veteran isn’t building dynamic campaigns for her local operating company and agent businesses, she’s envisioning her next bucket list item: walking the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain.

cass travis

Travis Cass

Travis is one of those guys who has everything figured out. He’s smart and strategic, but most importantly, he chose to live in a place that benefits from 300+ days of sunshine a year. As the field marketing manager for Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties, Travis works locally to implement local, regional and national campaigns that have a profound impact on agents and their businesses. Every day is different for Travis, which makes him happy. In fact, he thrives in a fast, ever-changing environment and relishes in the moments where he can stand toe-to-toe with a challenge. If you’re still not impressed, he’s also a two-time member of the Coldwell Banker Gen Blue Social Squad and can seriously throw down on the basketball court.

brooks jeremy

Jeremy Brooks

Coffee, coffee and more coffee keeps this director of marketing on top of his game. Although who can blame him? Between being a father to four kiddos and overseeing a talented team of field marketing managers, it’s surprising he has time for it all! Based out of Flower Mound, TX, Jeremy oversees the delivery and execution of marketing strategies and initiatives that support Coldwell Banker NRT’s agent value proposition. Prior to joining The Studio, Jeremy was in the Air Force, and openly admits that he has a serious addiction to football. Although arguably, coffee still takes the number one spot (French Vanilla, please).

berend andrea

Andrea Berend

Anyone whose motto is “Life is too short to drink bad wine” is someone we want to hang out with. Andrea is the field marketing manager for the Tampa Bay region, where she works closely with agents to educate them on using company tools to manage and grow their business. She loves what she does because she’s a ‘people-person’ and enjoys relationship building. If it were up to her 10-year-old self though, she’d transform into Olivia Newton John – and really, who wouldn’t for a chance to dance with John Travolta?!

alban bob

Bob Alban

Calm, cool and collected under pressure, Bob is a master multi-tasker who helps agents in Houston lead exceptional lives through marketing, education, public relations and mentoring. He’s a creative guy both at work and at play. He sings with the Houston Symphony Chorus and has been named king of two Mardi Gras krewes over the years. Professionally, Bob has twice earned Real Estate Marketer of the Year in Houston by the American Marketing Association Houston. Way to go, Bob! He’s also very charitable and gives much of his time and dedication to local and national organizations.

antico samantha

Samantha Antico

Leading the best events team in the real estate industry, Samantha oversees the execution of all client events, whether it’s an intimate affair for 20 people or 600-person gala celebration. Understandably, Samantha has a keen eye for detail, is outgoing and sometimes gives the matriarchal authoritative vibe. We’ll tell you she’s borderline embarrassed about her affinity for reality tv but proud to be sharing a family tradition with her daughter: Summers with her extended family on the Jersey Shore.

abiang richelle

Richelle Abiang

Richelle believes in making each day the best day, which can’t be too difficult in beautiful Hawaii. As a Field Marketing Manager extraordinaire, she works tirelessly to assist real estate offices and agents with marketing tools and advertising, and makes sure national communications are received at the local level. This MacGyver-type can problem-solve her way through any roadblock presented and loves to feed her creative side by dabbling in pottery, sewing and screen printing.