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With strong marketing skills and extensive real estate knowledge, Jackie is a natural in her position as field marketing manager for Coldwell Banker in Danbury, Connecticut. Now, she would tell you that her role in helping agents and managers communicate the value of Coldwell Banker is easy because of the company’s greatness. We think her outgoing and loving personality may also have something to do with her ability to provide the highest level of marketing support to agents and senior staff.

Danbury, CT

Jackie Donahue

Field Marketing Manager

Joanne likes to pay it forward. She often starts the random acts of caffeinated kindness in a Starbucks drive-thru on her way to the office. This marketing enthusiast brings that ‘doing for others’ spirit with a sense of humor and fun in her work onboarding and handling marketing conversions for experienced agents and teams affiliating with the company. Joanne has a passion for providing stellar customer service and support to the branch field offices, as well. Her list of accomplishments also includes receiving the Distinguished Service Award from our senior leadership in 2018 and completing a Marketing Certificate Program, finishing with a 3.98 GPA – to which we add “wow!”

Minneapolis, MN

Joanne Odash

Personal Marketing Specialist

Travis is one of those guys who has everything figured out. He’s smart and strategic, but most importantly, he chose to live in a place that benefits from 300+ days of sunshine a year. As the field marketing manager for Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties, Travis works locally to implement local, regional and national campaigns that have a profound impact on agents and their businesses. Every day is different for Travis, which makes him happy. In fact, he thrives in a fast, ever-changing environment and relishes in the moments where he can stand toe-to-toe with a challenge. If you’re still not impressed, he’s also a two-time member of the Coldwell Banker Gen Blue Social Squad and can seriously throw down on the basketball court.

San Diego

Travis Cass

Field Marketing Manager

There are two very important traits that describe Bonnie: confident and confidential. Actually, there’s one more: extremely talented. As a global luxury marketing director, Bonnie has the major task of overseeing the operation for Coldwell Banker Burnet’s exclusive Distinctive Homes® division. In that role, Bonnie loves to “bring it up a notch” when working on global luxury marketing efforts. She would also love to bring the temperature up a few notches, as living in snowy Wayzata, Minnesota often interferes with her love for tennis, golfing, sailing and flip flops.

Wayzata, MN

Bonnie Velie

Global Luxury Marketing Manager

Diana knows several web languages — HTML, CSS, PHP, Elvish, Dothraki. Ok, maybe not the last two. But this social media guru is a valuable asset for Coldwell Banker’s Pittsburgh regional offices, assisting them with their social efforts along with company-wide communication projects and events. Diana and her husband boast a collection of more than 200 board games! They must have one big game closet.

Pittsburgh, PA

Diana Werkmeister

Field Marketing Coordinator

As a Listing Concierge coordinator, Dylan creates “marketing magic.” Presto, change-o and poof, another happy agent with a sold sign going up. Dylan is professional, knowledgeable, courteous, funny and committed to providing excellent customer service to agents. Off the clock, Dylan is a professional photographer. Around the office, Dylan describes himself as a human garbage disposal because he’ll eat almost anything given to him. Poof. It’s gone.

Concord, CA
Product Studio

Dylan Wyatt

Listing Concierge Coordinator

Shaan does it all. Maybe that’s why he’s self-described as the “Mutt of Marketing.” He coordinates all the PR/media for SoCal and Arizona, coordinates all the View Magazine covers and editorials for the market, even does some social media — the list goes on. And he’s just as active in his personal life as a kickboxer, roller skater, beach football player — 2 championships and 2 sportsmanship awards to date — add to that a Masters degree. To the Mutt of Marketing, all we can say is “Woof, Woof.”

Irvine, CA

Shaan Hassan

Regional Media Coordinator

While helping agents learn how to use and implement company tools along with building their social media and website presence, Jaclyn notes she often has to think quickly on her feet. That makes total sense. As a collegiate and continuing league volleyball player, she’s had to think quickly on her feet for years — imagine a spiked volleyball coming directly at you! In her spare time, she recharges by traveling and hiking, at a somewhat slower pace.

Cincinnati, OH

Jaclyn Kimmet

Digital Specialist/eMarketing Coordinator

Kerry’s focus is to develop, launch and manage systems and programs that help real estate agents build their real estate business and assist all NRT operating companies in recruiting and retaining top agents. She specializes in developing and managing products and relationships with partners such Facebook, Instagram, Zillow, Trulia, Market Leader, Tiger Pistol, Adwerx and the national Coldwell Banker brand. Her deep institutional knowledge and understanding of NRT and the real estate business lends itself well to product management.

Baltimore, MD

Kerry Prior

Product Manager
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Apart from being the proud personal butler, chauffeur and executive assistant to her two children, Marley is the go-to gal for all things Coldwell Banker in Austin, Texas. She works closely with affiliated agents and leadership to implement marketing strategies, educate the field on company tools and resources and execute promotional events. And who better to understand and serve the needs of agents than Marley, who has nearly 12 years of real estate sales experience and was a Platinum Top 50 Agent in Austin? Not one to mess with, she’s a Third-Degree Black Belt in American Karate; luckily, she never sees a problem, only a solution to be found!

Austin, TX

Marley Bautista

Field Marketing Manager

What do you get when you cross sarcasm, a hired farm hand and a certified scuba diver? Alicia Eisenbise of course! As our senior social media strategist (who’s wicked good with analytics, data and content creation), Alicia leads the social media team for Coldwell Banker NRT, which includes paid and organic social efforts for 25 Coldwell Banker companies in addition to sales associate advocacy platforms. Fair warning: Alicia brags that she can find anything on the web. Combine that with an educational background that includes psychology, and she might be in your head before you know it.

Chicago, IL

Alicia Eisenbise

Senior Social Media Strategist

Evan feels a kinship with film director Steven Spielberg, who once said, “I dream for a living.” Evan has chased dreams of being a rock star drummer and film director, earning his bachelor’s degree in cinema and photography. He also interned at MSNBC with Jane Pauley. Evan recently achieved the American Dream as a new homeowner and is now obsessed with lawn care and landscaping. In his role with The Studio, he enjoys helping agents and homeowners achieve their dreams. Evan is responsible for and Desk and works with his team to build great products that enhance user experience, from making it easier for buyers to find their new homes to assisting agents in increasing their productivity.

Madison, NJ

Evan Cony

Director, Product

Tracy loves words and enjoys using them like colors in a painter’s palette. And she does so artistically, while creating copy for a multitude of jobs including View Magazine articles and editorials, Clients For Life assets and more. Tracy’s artistic flair goes way back. She’s a graduate of Chicago’s Second City Players Workshop and performed in a Second City Children’s Play. Outgoing and fearless, Tracy has been learning to speak Italian, while gardening, hiking, cooking and traveling fill in the gaps. Color us impressed.

Deerfield, IL
Creative Studio

Tracy Ellison


Behind every great agent is a great marketing coordinator – someone who is detailed and disciplined enough to make sure that local agents have the marketing materials needed for their listing. That’s why they love working with Chandler. This graduate from the University of Cincinnati loves his music and eating at Skyline Chili at least once a week. We’ve never been, but with his attention to detail, it’s now on the list.

Cincinnati, OH

Chandler Curry

Marketing Coordinator

How many people can say they had penguins attend their wedding reception? Katie can – her wedding was held at an aquarium! In her role as product manager, Katie makes sure the tools The Studio designs, develops and implements for agents are exactly what they need to succeed in real estate. She lends an ear, finding out what agents struggle with, what frustrates them and what things delight them to better inform product decisions. Katie might be a bit on the quiet side, but she is very loyal, direct and also crafty. She knits and sews, primarily for babies and pets. She is also a Certified Scrum Product Owner and Project Management Professional.

Madison, NJ

Katie Sobray

Product Manager

Coffee, coffee and more coffee keeps this director of marketing on top of his game. Although who can blame him? Between being a father to four kiddos and overseeing a talented team of field marketing managers, it’s surprising he has time for it all! Based out of Flower Mound, TX, Jeremy oversees the delivery and execution of marketing strategies and initiatives that support Coldwell Banker NRT’s agent value proposition. Prior to joining The Studio, Jeremy was in the Air Force, and openly admits that he has a serious addiction to football. Although arguably, coffee still takes the number one spot (French Vanilla, please).

Dallas, TX

Jeremy Brooks

Field Marketing Director

Tatiana’s success of handling advertising requests for the west coast is highly dependent on coffee. Though she sits in our Beverly Hills office, she was born in Costa Rica, so she comes by her love of the bean naturally (and admits a preference for those from her native country). Don’t let her quick wit and sarcastic comebacks fool you, though. She’s dead serious about being great at her job and super-efficient in handling the numerous tasks at hand.

Beverly Hills, CA

Tatiana Mora

Advertising Manager

“I must be in the front row!” Having the privilege to work on the legendary Miller Lite Tastes Great/Less Filling campaign early in his career, Bob penned copy for this television commercial featuring Bob Uecker that now resides in the Broadcast Hall of Fame. Years later, his passion for crafting memorable and impactful copy hasn’t waned. From Madison Avenue to New Jersey (his home state) and now to Florida, Bob is excited to bring his creative flair and collaborate with the many talented folks at The Studio. While his spare time revolves around anything related to sports, the one-day screenplay dream is still out there.

Sarasota, FL
Creative Studio

Bob Tamburri

Senior Copywriter



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