Inventors and innovators. Doers, dreamers and thinkers. Makers and magicians. We’re all these and more. And we’re all here in The Studio.

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Kreutz Kennedy

With Kennedy, it’s all about connecting. Whether it’s strategizing with agents on ways to help take their business to the next level, or organizing a spontaneous evening out with girlfriends, Kennedy’s strength lies in coming up with great ideas and making someone’s day. Her creative thinking translates into effective marketing contributions as a Listing Concierge coordinator. The self-described “life of the party,” Kennedy enjoys thrifting and scoring unique gems to complement her one-of-kind mind.

Concord, CA

Kennedy Kreutz

Listing Concierge Coordinator
cross clarissa

Our problem-solving, world-travelling, ambitious field marketing manager for Dallas, Clarissa graces the region with her love of all things marketing, data and design. She dives deep into research and analysis to find innovative solutions so that agents can meet their marketing goals. Agents go to Clarissa for marketing help, resource support and advertising insights. Oh, and remember we mentioned she’s a world-traveler? She’s been to 27 countries (and counting)! We’ll place a bet now that this MBA student earns Most Likely to Succeed.

Dallas, TX

Clarissa Cross

Manager, Strategic Marketing Projects (Global Luxury)
Jose Navea

Luckily for us, we have an incredibly reliable communicator in Jose. He is the liaison between all departments, excelling at multi-tasking and doing it all with a smile! Experienced in running his own successful marketing agency, he comes with a well-immersed background of the industry. Originally from Venezuela, Jose brings his native language of Spanish to the table as well as some delectable baking skills. Note to Jose: We’re all waiting for a lesson in Venezuelan desserts.

Sarasota, FL

Jose E. Navea

Project Coordinator
Taylor Bilissit Photo e1574269292826

Taylor’s taking the bull by the horns in her new role as Field Marketing Manager in Houston. Her Texas roots play a big part in her wide-reaching enthusiasm for all things exciting, from Houston real estate to college football, DIY projects to her toddler on the move! Taylor loves indulgent confections and balances her sweet tooth with working out (solid plan). What’s next from this mentor, mom, crafter and supportive FMM? Stay tuned, we’re sure Taylor will be leaving her mark in a big way – Texas style!

Houston, TX

Taylor Blissit

Field Marketing Manager
lamothe todd

Even though he’s an accomplished multitasker capable of working across six states at once, Todd is surprisingly laid-back. And that’s a great trait to have when your job is guiding the marketing direction of Coldwell Banker NRT’s entire Northeast region. After more than 20 years in the real estate industry, Todd knows what it takes to effectively promote properties, recognize agents and position the company as a market leader. His ability to run rings around the competition isn’t limited to the workplace, though. He’ll zoom right past you on the weekends, too, as he’s also an avid runner and skier.

Waltham, MA

Todd Lamothe

Field Marketing Director
sloan william

Our national creative director needs no introduction. His art work has been on display at museums and galleries around the world. He’s published four books. And he oversees the creative direction at The Studio. His name? Sloan. William Sloan. For someone who loves the creative world just as much as he loves people, Bill’s role in The Studio is a natural fit. You can catch him while he’s eagerly keeping agents ahead of the competition with eye-catching campaigns, or after-hours, read the musings on his namesake blog for a peek at his current creative inspiration.

Sarasota, FL

William Sloan

National Creative Director
morrow lisa

Say “kon’nichiwa” to Lisa and you’re likely to get more than a short response. That’s because she spent seven years in Japan, first as a student and then working as an art director for an English language magazine and later a graphics editor for a newspaper. These days, she works with The Studio’s other creative service managers to oversee a team of talented graphic designers. Given that she also worked in Thailand along the border of Myanmar, it should come as no surprise that she enjoys learning new things, trying new foods, traveling to new places and meeting new people. And, since she’s earned a black belt in karate, she’s certainly capable of taking care of herself in a sticky situation no matter where her travels take her!

Chicago, IL

Lisa Morrow

Creative Services Manager
Tracy Ellison

Tracy loves words and enjoys using them like colors in a painter’s palette. And she does so artistically, while creating copy for a multitude of jobs including View Magazine articles and editorials, Clients For Life assets and more. Tracy’s artistic flair goes way back. She’s a graduate of Chicago’s Second City Players Workshop and performed in a Second City Children’s Play. Outgoing and fearless, Tracy has been learning to speak Italian, while gardening, hiking, cooking and traveling fill in the gaps. Color us impressed.

Deerfield, IL

Tracy Ellison

heather tocatlian

Going above and beyond, and putting quality above quantity are what sets Heather apart. We’re not just saying that – we’ve got the receipts: she won the “Golden Pickle” award for going the extra mile when she was with the Sacramento/Tahoe region and has earned two top performance awards since June for providing stellar customer service on the Listing Concierge platform. Heather says her previous job working in a branch office with agents is what makes her so attuned to their needs and able to deliver exceptional service. When not at work, she’s bound to be with her dogs or welcoming friends and family to her home for a tasty meal. And if she hits the next big lottery jackpot, you’re likely to see a dog shelter with Heather’s name on it!

Northern California

Heather Tocatlian

VIP Listing Concierge Coordinator
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david perkins

David relishes his role helping agents set up their business and showing them how to use the company’s digital marketing tools and new strategies to grow their business. In addition to a BA degree in marketing and interactive studies, he has certifications in Facebook Blueprint and Google AdWords. Exuberant and empathetic, David’s always ready to share his knowledge, encouraging agents to call him if they need help. An avid Dungeons & Dragons player with a slew of diverse characters, David unwinds with twice-a-week games and long daily walks with his dog, Jackson.

Columbus, OH

David Perkins

Specialist, Marketing Production, Sales Support
pam holland

Pam brings 20+ years of experience to The Studio team. Having worked exclusively at digital and content marketing agencies, she now confidently oversees the marketing planning for the deployment of new agent tools, products and updates. Pam is a self-described “fitness class junkie” who enjoys cardio, yoga and kickboxing. She has also spent the last few years studying American Sign Language and actively volunteers at deaf community events. Family and fun are very important to Pam, who never hesitates to take on any challenge that comes her way.

Madison, NJ

Pam Holland

Director, Marketing & Product Deployment
laura pagel

Laura is a strategy specialist, expertly training agents on the latest and greatest marketing tools to help them stand out in today’s fast-paced real estate market. She also assists branch VPs with office marketing and recruitment efforts. Most of her free time is spent traveling with her husband and teenage daughter, either to their Lake Michigan getaway in Oostburg, Wisconsin, or to volleyball tournaments around the country. Laura also enjoys jigsaw puzzles and watching Gilmore Girls during cold winter months. We also hear she has a great singing voice!

The Wisconsin Region

Laura Pagel

Field Marketing Specialist
rachel jacobs

Rachel is known for her positive outlook, patience and creativity. With certification from both Harvard University and the Massachusetts College of Art, she offers agents strategic marketing guidance with artistic flair – a unique combination of skill and natural talent. Rachel is also a VW Beetle enthusiast and former lead vocalist for an all-girl punk rock band! She draws inspiration from the Wizard of Oz’s words to Dorothy: “You’ve always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn that for yourself.”

Watertown, MA

Rachel Jacobs

Marketing Coordinator
tatiana mora

Tatiana lives and breathes social media. Not only does she enjoy researching the latest trends and metrics, she also loves the challenge and excitement of creating high-impact, eye-catching content that draws users in from all corners of the globe. Outgoing and upbeat, Tatiana turned the quarantine into a positive experience by creating her own podcast and reading an impressive 52 books! Tatiana was born in Costa Rica, speaks fluent Spanish and is always happy to connect with new and old friends.

Las Vegas, NV

Tatiana Mora

Social Media Specialist
sam biga

Samantha is an innovator who thinks on her feet, loves the people she works with and strives to deliver her very best performance every day. There’s never a dull moment in the life of a social media specialist, and Samantha thoroughly enjoys the excitement of creating compelling content that draws in viewers from all over the world. Outgoing, honest and witty, Samantha was in an all-female a cappella group in college and loves peanut butter and sushi. Among her many talents, she can remove her socks and pair them using only her toes!

Chicago, IL

Samantha Biga

Field Social Media Specialist
ryan gillespie

Field marketers and agents appreciate Ryan’s special talent for communication, dedication and resourcefulness. Known for his sense of humor and easy-going style, Ryan is a Mets, Jets, Islanders and Knicks superfan and former hip-hop crew dancer who is always happy to show off his latest moves. His favorite quote comes from Abraham Lincoln, who he happens to share a birthday with: “There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”

Islip Terrace, NY

Ryan Gillespie

Marketing Specialist
mikala gilroy

Mikala loves assisting agents with their social media needs, happy to answer any questions they have while offering advice on marketing themselves to their best advantage. “Do one thing every day that scares you,” is Mikala’s favorite quote, and she’s certainly taken that advice to heart. While living in New Zealand, where she worked for a production company, she skydived at 16,500 feet! Known for her upbeat attitude and technical prowess, Mikala jumps at the chance to help agents maximize their social media presence!

Boston, MA

Mikala Gilroy

Field Social Media Specialist
melissa fernald

Mix equal parts creative, curious and organized, and knead together with a dash of unique problem-solving skills and you’ll get Melissa – field marketing specialist for the Orange County region. She supports agents across multiple offices in their branding journey. Her inquisitive nature is indispensable at work as well as at home, where she’s usually busy perfecting her sourdough bread recipe. Nothing brings Melissa more joy than helping her clients discover that “aha!” moment for their marketing plan – well, except maybe a matcha tea latte and a classic Jersey Mike’s sub.

Orange County, CA

Melissa Fernald

Field Marketing Specialist



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