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nunns john

As a field marketing manager in Northern California, John handles a variety of tasks and responsibilities. He does likewise in his personal life, where he enjoys being a musician, a chef and a mountain biker –
he may just be one of the coolest people you could meet. It’s John’s wealth of creativity that drives the passion for his hobbies – and that same creativity spills into his work. In addition to helping interview and train all marketing coordinators in Northern California, John uses Coldwell Banker NRT’s Core 4 Values initiatives to help the company’s affiliated agents reach their full potential in new and exciting ways.

Concord, CA

John Nunns

Field Marketing Manager
rene ramirez

Whether working in LA or being inspired by his world travels, Rene seeks to share his creative contributions everywhere he goes. One of The Creative Studio’s talented art directors on the Design Concierge team, Rene strikes a beautiful balance between the agent’s expectations and the brand aesthetic, crafting exceptional agent assets that are distinctive and effective. Always the first to welcome a challenge, volunteer whenever possible or cook up delicious cuisine specialties, Rene is 100% invested in the creative process no matter where he can find it. We can’t wait to see what Rene will whip up next!

Los Angeles, CA

Rene Ramirez

Art Director
dustin romero

Dustin is as passionate about helping agents reach their full potential as he is about cheering on his kids from the sidelines at their baseball games, because Dustin loves to see others succeed. What else can be said about Dustin? He’s never a quitter! In fact, he’s halfway through his goal of visiting all 30 MLB baseball stadiums. These qualities make Dustin a spectacular field marketing manager. Always happy to lend a hand, he makes sure that every Coldwell Banker NRT affiliated agent in Sacramento can maximize the resources available to help them succeed. Fun, loyal and charismatic, Dustin is the kind of guy people love to be around, especially when he puts his sublime BBQ skills to practice.

Sacramento, CA

Dustin Romero

Field Marketing Manager
Major Kyleen

More than an experienced, service-driven Listing Concierge coordinator, Kyleen is an effective marketing professional prepared to assist clients with their property marketing. She also prides herself on being ready at a moment’s notice to serve as a sounding board and provide new ideas that contribute to an agent’s success. Her excellent organizational skills, love of laughter and compassionate, loyal nature is apparent in her role as an expert coordinator. A seasoned equestrian and graduate of California State University with a B.A. in business administration and a certificate in human resource management from Sonoma State University, we’re eager to see what Kyleen will take on next.

Concord, CA

Kyleen Major

Listing Concierge Coordinator

Real estate has always been part of Chris’s life: his mom was a broker, and Chris grew up watching her place “Sold” riders on yard signs throughout Texas. It’s no surprise, then, that Chris is part of the marketing team promoting the very industry he grew up admiring. As national vice president of field marketing strategies, Chris leads a team that supports 45,000 independent agents – so they, too, can put “Sold” riders on yard signs throughout their regions. Like the Dodge Charger he enjoys racing on weekends, Chris is a powerful presence, but smoothly navigates through obstacles and challenges with more than 20 years of knowledge and experience. Chris lives in Long Valley, NJ with his four-legged companion, Beacon.

Madison, NJ

Chris Clark

National Vice President, The Strategy Studio
kate ross

Keeping track of multiple projects and balancing hot deadlines may not be easy, but The Studio runs smoothly thanks to the work of project coordinators like Kate! With her excellent organization, time management and communication skills, She ensures projects meet every deadline. As a foodie with an appetite for fun, Kate spends her free time browsing the aisles of Whole Foods, scoping out the best coffee joints and planning her next fabulous meal. Her inspiration stems from her favorite quote by Salman Rushdie: “Reality is a question of perspective.”

Boston, MA

Kate Ross

Project Coordinator
heather tocatlian

Going above and beyond, and putting quality above quantity are what sets Heather apart. We’re not just saying that – we’ve got the receipts: she won the “Golden Pickle” award for going the extra mile when she was with the Sacramento/Tahoe region and has earned two top performance awards since June for providing stellar customer service on the Listing Concierge platform. Heather says her previous job working in a branch office with agents is what makes her so attuned to their needs and able to deliver exceptional service. When not at work, she’s bound to be with her dogs or welcoming friends and family to her home for a tasty meal. And if she hits the next big lottery jackpot, you’re likely to see a dog shelter with Heather’s name on it!

Northern California

Heather Tocatlian

VIP Listing Concierge Coordinator
Curry Chandler

Behind every great agent is a great marketing coordinator – someone who is detailed and disciplined enough to make sure that local agents have the marketing materials needed for their listing. That’s why they love working with Chandler. This graduate from the University of Cincinnati loves his music and eating at Skyline Chili at least once a week. We’ve never been, but with his attention to detail, it’s now on the list.

Cincinnati, OH

Chandler Curry

Listing Concierge Coordinator
wallace kim

Kim is all about relationship building. For 18 years, she’s forged deep connections with not only the company but team members and clients to ensure positive outcomes. She enjoys working closely with agents on their personal marketing strategies. Kim is a team player with enough team spirit for all! Kind, patient, understanding and ready to laugh, she brings a positive vibe to the office and finds more joy waiting for her at home with her three cherished children and cockapoo! Happy dances all around!

Waltham, MA

Kim Wallace

Field Marketing Manager
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kennedy kreutz

A Studio staple, Kennedy worked with the Listing Concierge team for more than two years before rechanneling her marketing knowledge, business enhancement skills and motivational edge to the Design Concierge team. When helping agents develop their own brand and presence, her friendly and outgoing personality is a great asset – and the life of the party! Along with spending time with friends, Kennedy enjoys designing and perfecting homes she’s created on The Sims 4 with the approval of her feline fur baby Whiskey.

Pittsburgh, PA

Kennedy Kreutz

Account Specialist, Design Concierge
Josh Dempsey HEADSHOT

When you love to contribute to marketing success like Josh does, every day is a great day to be a graphic designer. Josh lives up to his standard of practicing self-growth by delivering top-tier graphics and learning and thriving from feedback. He’s also a good resource for exchanging ideas – friends would describe Josh as “Wikipedia,” because he can likely share info about whatever you’d like to know. Speaking of fun facts, Josh was the first man in his family to go straight to college. He earned two degrees AND opened a design studio on campus!

Brentwood, CA

Josh Dempsey

Graphic Designer
sara cassidy

Every team needs someone like Sara, a hardworking creative who, in her own words, “Won’t stop until I get it right!” After years of working for an agency in the entertainment industry, Sara joined Design Concierge to produce logos, business cards, personal brochures and more to help agents build their own brand. A passionate introvert, Sara makes the most of her “me time” through exercise and obsessing over any pets she meets – according to her, no one loves animals more than she does!

Bellingham, WA

Sara Cassidy

Graphic Designer
david wright

A versatile creative at heart, David repurposes his musical talents and the theory of reduction to simplify design concepts, creating visual pieces that communicate a powerful message. We hear the message loud and clear – and we’re lucky that this traveling musician has hopped onto The Studio bandwagon! An “extreme nomad,” David converted an SUV into a camper a few years ago and traveled across the U.S. Next time, he’ll likely make a stop at CrimeCon, a convention for true crime fans, or a new home that catches his fancy.

Chicago, Il

David Wright

Graphic Designer
tatiana mora

Tatiana lives and breathes social media. Not only does she enjoy researching the latest trends and metrics, she also loves the challenge and excitement of creating high-impact, eye-catching content that draws users in from all corners of the globe. Outgoing and upbeat, Tatiana turned the quarantine into a positive experience by creating her own podcast and reading an impressive 52 books! Tatiana was born in Costa Rica, speaks fluent Spanish and is always happy to connect with new and old friends.

Las Vegas, NV

Tatiana Mora

Social Media Specialist
rachel jacobs

Rachel is known for her positive outlook, patience and creativity. With certification from both Harvard University and the Massachusetts College of Art, she offers agents strategic marketing guidance with artistic flair – a unique combination of skill and natural talent. Rachel is also a VW Beetle enthusiast and former lead vocalist for an all-girl punk rock band! She draws inspiration from the Wizard of Oz’s words to Dorothy: “You’ve always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn that for yourself.”

Watertown, MA

Rachel Jacobs

Marketing Coordinator
laura pagel

Laura is a strategy specialist, expertly training agents on the latest and greatest marketing tools to help them stand out in today’s fast-paced real estate market. She also assists branch VPs with office marketing and recruitment efforts. Most of her free time is spent traveling with her husband and teenage daughter, either to their Lake Michigan getaway in Oostburg, Wisconsin, or to volleyball tournaments around the country. Laura also enjoys jigsaw puzzles and watching Gilmore Girls during cold winter months. We also hear she has a great singing voice!

The Wisconsin Region

Laura Pagel

Field Marketing Specialist
pam holland

Pam brings 20+ years of experience to The Studio team. Having worked exclusively at digital and content marketing agencies, she now confidently oversees the marketing planning for the deployment of new agent tools, products and updates. Pam is a self-described “fitness class junkie” who enjoys cardio, yoga and kickboxing. She has also spent the last few years studying American Sign Language and actively volunteers at deaf community events. Family and fun are very important to Pam, who never hesitates to take on any challenge that comes her way.

Madison, NJ

Pam Holland

Director, Marketing & Product Deployment
lauren o

Nothing gets past Lauren, who’s got eagle eyes for catching and fixing copy errors. So it’s no surprise she excels as one of the Design Concierge copywriters, where she conjures up copy that uniquely ties agents’ unexpected traits or hobbies with their real estate work (resulting in one heck of a memorable bio). Prior to The Studio, she spent 11 years living the dream in New York City – charming celebrities and guests alike during her time as a hotel concierge. She’s now in Indianapolis but can still perfectly apply lipstick in moving vehicles after so many years riding public transit!

Indianapolis, IN

Lauren Oosterlinck




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